BT and TalkTalk internet down: Users unable to connect to broadband across UK

BT and TalkTalk’s internet appears to be down.

Users complained they were unable to get online through their WiFi connections amid what appears to be a widespread outage.

The companies are just the latest internet providers to experience problems, following high-profile outages among users of Virgin Media.

Home internet connections appear to have been largely stable through the lockdown period, though the nationwide reliance on such connections mean even short outages can cause major problems.

According to DownDetector, the issues with BT started escalating at 11:41am UK time, while TalkTalk’s issues began at approximately 11:57am UK time.

The worst affected areas appear to be London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Gateshead and Sunderland, according to reports.

TalkTalk has said that it is aware of the issue, which is “affecting the North East area at the moment. Engineers are looking into this and we do hope to have services restored ASAP.”

No timeframe has been provided for a fix yet.

“We’re aware some of our customers in the Newcastle area are currently experiencing intermittent problems when trying to connect to the internet using BT broadband. This is due to a fire at a local site in Newcastle, which has now been contained. Our engineers are on site and working quickly to resolve this. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused,” a BT spokesperson said.

“We’re aware that some customers in and around the North East of England are currently experiencing a loss of service due to a major incident at the Newcastle exchange”, reads a TalkTalk service page.

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