BUAP Researchers Recognized With The State Prize For Science And Technology "Luis Riviera Terrazas" 2022 – Tribuna Noticias – Nation World News

Doctors Crescencio Octavio Olivares Zometal, Eduardo Torres Ramírez, María del Carmen García Aguilar and Andrés Este Stange, research professors of BUAP received the State Prize of Science and Technology for their outstanding performance in promoting and developing science, technology and humanities. did. Riviera Terrazas” 2022, provided by the State Council of Science and Technology (Concytape) and SEP.

In order to provide this recognition, the proposed profiles of both higher education institutions and researchers and academics were evaluated Public, private and social sector organizations, His trajectory, as well as the impact of his work in various fields, were part of the criteria that were taken into account.

promoting gender perspective

María del Carmen García Aguilar, teacher and physician of philosophy UNAM, in the category of Social Sciences, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, received the award in the field of research in basic sciences and humanities. Head of BUAP’s Institutional Directorate for Gender Equality, she is part of the National System of Researchers (SNI) and has a desirable PRODEP profile.

She is also an associate of the Master in Aesthetics and Art, and founder of the Center for Gender Studies (CEG), Philosophy and Letters of BUAP, where she leads the academic body in the aggregation “Cultural Philosophical Studies and Logical Studies, Gender and Existentialism”. their application to problems”.

Garcia stands out for Aguilar His strong faith and determination to promote studies With a gender perspective, thus participating in various publications, congresses, forums and other activities that seek true equality.

Uma Konkan, a place for wildlife

With outstanding work in popularizing science, Dr. Andres Este Stange is the Founder and Technical Manager of the Faculty of Biological Sciences at UMA Konkan, where he also serves as the Director. encourages academic researchers and their students To participate directly in the study, care and conservation of wildlife, especially nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey.

UMA Konkon, a program registered with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), in collaboration with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), has successfully allowed Rehabilitation, breeding and reintegration For the natural habitat of birds that are endangered or endangered.

Dr. Estange has received several awards for his work, including: Quality Global FoundationA distinguished inspirational leader of the 21st century, thanks to his valuable contributions, the generation of scientific research and the training of human resources focused on caring for the environment.

sustainable environmental processes

Dr. Eduardo Torres Ramírez was awarded for research in the basic sciences and humanities in the modalities of biology, chemistry, life sciences, biotechnology, agricultural sciences, medicine and health sciences. He is associated with the Center for Chemistry of the Institute of Science and is a member of the academic body 305 “Sustainable Environmental Processes and Molecular Electrochemistry”. avoid three patents and 39 letters,

His lines of research are the characterization of compounds of interest and environmental biocatalysis. The work of Torres Ramirez, PhD in Science from UNAM, focuses on the use of oxidative enzymes for the detection and transformation of aquatic organic pollutants, Application of chemical modification and stabilization Biocatalyst performance in hybrids supports for improved kinetic characterization of biochemical and biological catalysts as well as biodegradability and environmental impact studies.

Science to prevent rust

In research in basic sciences and humanities, in physics-mathematics, earth sciences and engineering modalities, researcher from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and member of the academic body, Dr. Crescencio Octavio Olivares Zometall was recognized. “Environmental Pollution Control”, as well as the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Olivares Zometal has contributed to the development of corrosion inhibitor From environmentally friendly ionic liquids, to steel and other alloys for industrial use; That is, they are not poisonous.

In addition, it has managed to patent some of the proposed compounds. He is the author of approximately 65 publications and his work has over 2,000 citations, according to research gate,


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