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Bubblext Review

Bubblext Review

Crypto trading has evolved to a stage where trading can be carried out with ease without you having to lift your finger. Many crypto traders have sought for ways they can carry out seamless trading in an environment that may help to increase their potential to generate more revenue. Bubblext is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Forex, etc. that allows traders to invest, exchange or trade with minimal rates and high data security.

Bubblext claims to be one of the most outstanding crypto trading platforms due to its excellent trading services and high-end features. We shall find out if PrimeCapitec’s claims are true and how effective they are in ensuring that traders get the most out of their trades. We shall also determine the legitimacy status of this broker so that potential crypto traders can know where and how to channel their resources. 

General Info About Bubblext

Before you patronize the service of a broker and commit your funds and time with the exchange, it is best to have a general knowledge of how the broker works. In the case of Bubblext, the broker is said to be customer-oriented. It promotes excellent client/customer relationship as a means to solidify the bond between both parties further. Clients may be able to access Bubblext’s help desk at any time of the day, irrespective of the time. This is a key aspect that sets to place the broker above other trading platforms that are available for support only on five business days. 

The trading platform is also suitable for newbie crypto traders who require professional assistance in deciding the best trading strategy they can use when trading cryptocurrencies and other assets. With their highly experienced consultancy service, crypto traders might find this broker a reliable and helping hand in ensuring that their crypto trading activities are optimized for maximum returns. 

The broker’s low commission rate also gives the broker an advantage over other exchanges, With a trade margin of ratio 1:5. Traders are given full access to liquidity orders containing a list of high performing digital currencies. With this, traders can be strategic about their trades because they might be able to predict the outcome of trading on specific crypto. Bubblext’s trading signals help traders with trading insights, thus giving traders a clearer understanding of how to trade without them having to source fruitlessly for information from Google or other sources. You have everything you need to excel in the crypto trading market by partnering with this broker. 

What are the Products Provided by Bubblext?

Bubblext is a product-specific platform. Instead of delving into trading on different financial assets simultaneously and offering limited functionality as a total package, Bubblext

 provides its clients with the best of crypto and Forex trading experience. They are regarded as the masters of crypto trading due to their outstanding services. To further cement their stand as one of the forces to reckon with in the digital coin trading world, Bubblext offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for traders. You can trade on several top-performing cryptos, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ethereum classic, Digital Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, and XRP. 

Bubblext Recovery Programs

The broker’s recovery program assists traders in carrying out an in-depth analysis of your trading performance. It analysis your potential to trade successfully on particular cryptocurrency. To achieve this, Bubblext carries out a SWOT analysis of different digital coins to ascertain their trading strengths, various weaknesses, potential opportunities, and possible threats. With these analyses, traders can know what steps to take at a particular time.

The broker also analyzes your trading goals to help you come out with the best trading strategies to help you attain your trading milestone at the desired time. The broker also expertises how you can properly manage your investment capital on the platform to ensure that it is effectively utilized for maximum productivity. 

Information Hub in Bubblext

Bubblext offers a variety of trading packages that comes with an information hub network. Aside from the Bubblext’s explorer package, all other trading packages offered by the broker ensures that traders are offered all the necessary information about each cryptocurrency so that they can make the right decision and trading choices.

Bubblext also gives traders access to partner with Steinway Finances, which gives them full access to the platform’s academy. You can access several educational resources, tutorials, training courses, eBooks, and a lot of information to help you attain that state of financial independence you have always craved for. 

The Payment Structure of Bubblext

Bubblext, as a leading broker in the crypto trading world, offers a variety of payment packages designed to suit each trader’s trading preference. These five payment packages available on Bubblext will be explained in detail to ensure that readers meet their set out trading goals and desired objectives. The five PrimeCapitec payment structure includes the following: 

  • The Explorer Bubblext Package

The explorer package is the least trading package available on the Bubblext trading platform. It is ideal for those individuals who have no previous experience in trading digital coins. As the name implies, these categories of traders are referred to as explorers because they are still learning the art of crypto trading and are exploring several options.

Trading with the explorer package requires the trader to trade with an investment capital within the range of $250 to $2,000. Traders on this package might be able to access the broker’s outstanding customer service 24 hours of the day and every day in the week. You may also be provided with the Bubblext professional chart that allows you to view the performance of each crypto in the cryptocurrency market. 

  • The Basic Bubblext package

The basic package is another payment structure provided by the broker to offer you the most effective trading tools needed to excel in the blockchain industry. Unlike the explorer package, trading via the basic package requires an investment capital within the range of $2,500 to $9,999. Traders on this package have access to a personal analyst on cryptocurrency. The personal crypto analyst’s role is to provide you with expert advice and opinion on the right strategy and approach you can use in carrying out trading on the platform. 

The package offers more outstanding benefits as you weekly reviews about the crypto market. You also get to have reported on financial research carried out on the crypto market to enable you to identify those high-performance cryptocurrencies. 

  • The Silver Bubblext Package

The silver package is the third tier of the Bubblext trading package. It is suitable for those traders who have a fair knowledge of cryptocurrency and Forex trading. To have access to this package, you are to invest between $10,000 to $24,000. The benefits of using this package are numerous. Traders can have access to a personal crypto analyst who would offer you private sessions monthly, unlike the basic account where a single introductory session with an analyst is made available. Silver account holders can also view financial research reports and access the 24 hours customer support service. 

  • The Gold Bubblext Package

As the name implies, the Gold package is suitable for traders who are more experienced in trading cryptocurrencies and forex. You have access to a personal crypto analyst, reviews on findings in the crypto markets regarding finance and investment. Traders may also enjoy several other benefits, including smart finance management features, 24 hours customer support, weekly sessions with personalized analysts, and several other benefits. To be part of the gold Bubblext package, you need to invest between $25,000 to $99,000.

  • The Platinum Bubblext Package

The platinum Bubblext package is the highest package that any trader can choose to operate on the platform. The platinum account gives traders access to the direct phone line of the accounting analyst given to them. Users can also get schemes that are useful for money management and long term type of financial planning. Since you will be liaising with a senior account manager, you might be better informed on the best trading decisions and strategies to implement in every stage of your trading process.

That’s not all. Platinum account holders on Bubblext to get updated information every week from financial experts and analysts about market trends, reviews, and status reports on the performance of different cryptocurrencies in the blockchain industry. The account is suited for traders who have a vast experience in cryptocurrency trading. These individuals may be professionals who understand how to read market charts, graphs, and other performance indicators to predict the likely outcome of their trades. To open a Bubblext platinum account, you may invest between $100,000 t $499,000. The broker claims to offer you a 100 percent guarantee trade success on five different trades. 

Using any of the Bubblext  payment packages listed above, you may enjoy several benefits that the broker offers. Traders can also control and determine the type of trading strategy they want to use. You are not charged for executing your trades.

Warnings, Safety, and Disclaimers

As part of the brokers’ resolve to provide outstanding and excellent services to its clients, it has included CFDs to its list of financial products. However, the trading of CFDs may pose more investment risk because it involves the use of leverages, which may be advantageous depending on the outcome of the trade. Trading CFDs may not be suitable for those investors who have little or no knowledge of how to trade on them. You may lose all your investment without the right guidance. However, the broker has put measures in place to ensure that you are guided to make the right trading decision by its pool of experienced analysts. You are still advised to invest with only those funds you can afford to lose, should the trading outcome be unfavorable. As part of Bubblext’s educational resource, the broker enlightens clients on the risks involved in trading, and the likely steps each client can take to mitigate the risk.

In line with practices to guarantee the safety of traders’ funds, personal data, and account in general, the international standard and legal structure for such cases are strictly followed. You have to undergo a verification process before you can withdraw or deposit fiat currencies in your Bubblext  account. By so doing, the broker helps curb illegal activities that may result in stolen funds, identity, money laundering, or site hacking. The KYC policy initiated by the broker ensures that every client operating on the platform is real and of legal age. It also ensures that the client owns every card used in effecting any form of transaction on the platform. The application of processors in identifying fraudulent activities on the platform is a laudable initiative by the broker.

The US Dollar may Lose the Status of world’s Reserve Currency, Warns Goldman Sachs

The process of verifying your Bubblext account is an anti-money laundering initiative and a means of countering tourism. The verification steps include completing an online questionnaire and ensuring that you submit relevant documents to back up your response. You might be required to sign a declaration stating your confirmation of the authenticity of the information you have provided. At the end of this exercise, Bubblext  is prompted to complete your account verification to begin your trade without any restriction.

The registration process on the platform may take about five days or more to be complete. The broker notifies you through your verified email address that your account has been verified. It is worthy of note that the verification exercise is only compulsory for those who might be transacting with fiat currencies. However, if you want to make withdrawals or deposits using cryptocurrencies, you may not be required to go through the verification process.

Bubblext  Methods of Making Withdrawals, Deposit, and Fees

The least amount of money that a trader on Bubblext can deposit is $250. Only those who are operating an explorer account can deposit this amount. You can make deposits using Debit or Credit cards, depending on your personal preference. In the aspect of withdrawals, traders can make use of wire transfers. They can also choose to use Credit or Debit cards as possible withdrawal options.

When you use cards as withdrawal options, you may get instant payment in line with the standard withdrawal policy. Withdrawals made via bank transfers may take about ten days to get your funds. The minimum you can withdraw to your account using the bank transfer withdrawal option is $500; that of cards is $100. In whichever withdrawal method you choose, you may not be charged any fee. 

The Bubblext Trading Software contains several other unique features that give the exchange platform an edge over others. The live news section gives you access to updated news about cryptocurrencies and updates in the financial market. You might also find a chart customization feature that displays the current performance of individual cryptocurrency. You can customize this feature to your desired preference..

Bubblext provides trading software that is interactive, intuitive, friendly, and straightforward. For new and inexperienced traders, the software might give you a good breeding ground to learn the rudiments of trading under an environment that is friendly and highly engaging.

Other innovative features you can find include pending orders, live news, multiple frames, etc. traders can also make use of the MT4 trading feature, which is a leading trading platform for different financial instruments. Traders might use this feature to carry out their trade using different devices. The MT4 software also supports the use of mobile phones for easy access to market trends and other vital information. 

About the Bubblext Support Team

Bubblext has a support team comprised of professionals who are highly experienced in the financial industry and web-commerce. These individuals work together to provide cost-effective services for their users, especially retail investors. The broker is known for its outstanding reputation in promoting success and a platform where traders from different parts of the world can generate revenue.

The broker understands the indispensable role of customers in building their brand, and as such, they believe that it is paramount to offer them the very best of support services. Their customer support system has received commendations from several satisfied customers who would love to do business with the broker over again. By registering on the Bubblext platform, you might attain that level of financial freedom you have always dreamt of having.


Bubblext is a broker that you might rely on to optimize your trade in the financial market. It offers you a plethora of trading signals, charts, video tutorials, eBooks, and other educational resource materials that would guide you through the process of trading. You can choose to operate any of the five different types of trading accounts tailored to meet a specific need.

Ensure that you provide the right information during the verification of your accounts for speedy verification and approval. You might find some misleading reports about the broker but the truth is that criticism is always expected of any high profile trading platform. Many traders who have used the Bubblext’s trading platform to carry out their trades have expressed their satisfaction with the services received.

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