Building cyber security on a national level – TechRadar

Cyber criminals operating in our increasingly digitized world have an abundance of online opportunities to exploit unsuspecting victims and make a profit, cause destabilization or both. Threats are so rife that MI5 head, Ken McCallum, recently cautioned the public to be vigilant of cyber-attacks, misinformation, espionage and political interference, like they would with terrorism risks, as part of an annual threat update.

He said dependence on digital infrastructure in 2021 is a job for all. “Disruptive cyber-attacks such as ransomware can bring down everything from national institutions to your local hospital,” McCallum flagged. “If it ever was, cyber is no longer some abstract contest between hackers in it for the thrill or between states jockeying position in some specialised domain; in the 2020s, cyber consistently bites on our everyday lives.”


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