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What do other business group’s say about the Brexit vote?

Organisation’s representing companies and their workers have clamoured to have their voices heard after the Government’s crushing defeat yesterday.

Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation said:

The Prime Minister’s deal has been decisively rejected and it is now vital that the political leadership find a way to indicate what alternative should be pursued.

We are calling for an extension to the transition period in order for Parliament to decide what our next steps are; whether that is a new deal, a referendum, an orderly exit from the EU without a deal at a later date, or a general election.

The Government should now be looking to speak with representative organisations such as the FDF, to ensure they are pursuing an alternative that prevents further damage to the UK’s wider economy.

The Prospect Union meanwhile has called for an extension of Article 50, to grant the Government more time to approve a deal.

A spokesman for the union said:

Whatever happens in the next few days, the first priority of parliament must be to secure an extension of Article 50 and rule-out the worst-case scenario of No Deal.

Trying to force this deal through parliament again cannot be the answer to such a serious question about our future. Any new deal that is put on the table in the coming months must be put to a public vote about whether to accept it or remain in the EU.

It’s clear that this is the only way to break the deadlock without sliding into No Deal by default.

Trade union Unison has gone a step further however, calling for a general election in the hope of bringing down the Tory government.

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said:

The country has no faith in the Prime Minister’s ability to get her Brexit deal passed, now it’s clear MPs don’t either. It’s time for a vote of no confidence and a general election so people can vote in a new government to sort out this unholy mess.

The Federation of Small Businesses made a more measured response, calling for MPs to join together to create clarity for the business sector.

Federation of Small Businesses chairman Mike Cherry said:

It is time for politicians to come together and urgently find a way forward from this alarming Brexit stalemate, and now, no-confidence vote.

The UK is due to leave the EU in just 10 weeks, and yet businesses still have no idea what kind of circumstances they should prepare for.

Mike Cherry, chair of the Federation of Small Businesses
Mike Cherry, chair of the Federation of Small Businesses (Image: supplied by FSB as publicity picture)


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