Business Owners in London Are Increasing Their Instagram Followers – The Essential Tips to Follow

Business Owners in London Are Increasing Their Instagram Followers – The Essential Tips to Follow

Can you think about one thing that globally successful brands have in common? The answer is ample Instagram followers. Though brands like Adidas, Apple, and McDonald’s function in different markers, they have endless Instagram followers as a common factor. Over the years, Instagram, as a social media channel, has expanded exponentially. According to the latest studies, today, Instagram has more than 1 billion users. So, it’s natural to imagine that influencers and organizations of all kinds resort to this social media platform for maximizing their market reach and generating new business opportunities.

Instagrammers and successful brands in London opt-in for smart ways to increased Instagram follows. Some brands also buy Instagram followers and likes from companies that help with that. Other tactics that can work as well are:

1. Opt-in for the smart Instagram tools

Instagram today brings in some of the best tools for expanding the follower-base. The best tools to count on are:

  • SocialDrift – This service enables the brands in London to develop a vast Instagram following by depending on machine-learning algorithms. It engages the target audience through comments, follows, and likes.
  • ViralRace- It is a prominent engagement marketplace for influencers and business owners to search social proof for attracting the brand deals.
  • ViralUpgrade – You can maximize the Instagram brand reach as well as audience engagement through this service. The tool reaches out to several Instagrammers by following each other.

2. Start a competition on Instagram

It could be that your competitors are not active in social media platforms, but they are highly active on Instagram. Some brands announce a competition and get their spokespeople to speak. Also, every competition has winners. Some brands declare their Instagram winners, who help the brands gain maximum exposure to a flurry of followers. Generally, such competitions make brands share the posts, which helps in gaining followers and likes both.

3. Magnify the reach using Instagram Ads

Different brands and business owners spend over billions of dollars on Instagram ads. And in the forthcoming years, this number is said to increase. The global brands today know that Instagram offers great scope to have access to a particular group of Instagram users. It is a smart choice for people who want to grow their Instagram follower count.

4. Create a trending hashtag

The hashtags are your keyword on Instagram. Specific hashtags will make your posts to particular set of audiences, who will gradually become your followers. Hence, before making a post, the business owners and entrepreneurs in London, should research and get the location and business niche specific words, that they can use as hashtags. Every time brands use correct hashtags; there’s an increase in the overall follower count.

5. Trying to tweak the content type

The social media marketers come up with several content types that they can resort to when they make Instagram posts. It comprises of Instagram stories, video, and photos. Here the marketers should smartly experiment with each content format and come up with an interesting mix, that helps to engage most audiences. It should also break the monotony of breaking one content type.

6. You should use Instagram analytics tool

An analytics tool is essential to map your business growth and follower count on Instagram. It also helps to fine-tune your social media strategy. There are a few platforms that can help social media marketers to correlate the follower increase with a particular content. It can also get equated with content strategy changes.

7. Make use of a business Instagram account

If you are using Instagram for your business, then ensure you say yes to a business account. That provide brands and entrepreneurs in London, ample flexibility. It also helps to increase your follower count. For instance, the account admins here have access to the profile performance metrics. Also, the admins can simply boost a post through an affordable ad and can add a button that helps the profile viewers to get in touch with a company through email, text, call, or an Instagram message.

8. Know the way Instagram’s sorting system functions

Do you want to develop a viral Instagram content? If yes, then you should know the way its algorithms work. Also, the platform makes use of several factors, which comprises of post engagement, timeliness as well as post location. It helps to decide where this post is getting showcased in the user’s timeline.

9. Acquire feedback from the target audience

Do you wish to enhance the Instagram marketing strategy? If yes, ask for feedback from followers by sending them a direct message. It makes the followers feel counted, and they recommend your brand to others. That way, you can see a boost in your follower count.

These are some of the useful ways in which brands across the globe are adding to their follower count. The smartest move is to get the required guidelines from an expert service provider or a social media strategist to avoid any rash or amateur decisions.

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