Business Trends for 2021

Business trends tend to change every year, but since the pandemic began in 2020, we are in for a much more significant change than usual. Companies have had to think outside the box, and there has been a wave of new craft trends and other skills that can be carried out from home. 2021 will be all about the entrepreneur, the self-made starter, working from home and delivery. 

Business Trends for 2021


Sadly, a lot of jobs were lost due to lockdown and other restrictions placed on many industries during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some people were furloughed, while others lost their jobs. This has led to a rise in self-starting entrepreneurs who are determined to make money in a new way. Things that people can make at home became incredibly popular; there was a distinct rise in cake making, crafts, and other skills that can be provided remotely. People were looking for things to make them feel better, so treats like sweets and biscuits became the mainstay of lockdown. Local authorities were inundated with people seeking hygiene certification in order to be able to provide a service, and they responded brilliantly and were able to certify many premises as safe, enabling people to start work again. People who could so found that customers were looking for homewares, as the restrictions meant spending more time within our houses causing us to want to redecorate and make them pretty. Those who have gardens found great solace in the safe outside space and theirs, so gardening products became popular as people sought to create a haven away from the madness. 

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One of the most logical ways to work from home at the moment is over the Internet. Many companies were able to move their staff to home and have discovered that this actually works well and may continue in one form or another. Those who needed to start new ways of earning money have found various income streams using the Internet. If you are digitally savvy, then social media, advertising, copywriting, proofreading and various other tasks are always in demand and more so as businesses start to return to the competitive world when things unlock. Unknown or small companies suddenly shot to fame, with Zoom being a classic example. This platform enabled video meetings to take place and went from hardly heard of, to commonplace, and a valuable tool for many companies to hold get-together and staff interactions. Digital will be one of the biggest trends for 2021; we were headed that way anyway but now even more so. Digital encompasses all of the new technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. All of these can help businesses of any size and are not as complicated as you might think to get involved with. 

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If you were a company that could provide delivery to people’s front doors you stood a very strong chance of making it through the pandemic. This meant that global leaders like Amazon thrived, but small businesses prepared to pivot their skill set made some impressive changes. Coffee shops went from eat-in, to home delivery and were in constant demand for afternoon teas, cakes, and other menu items. Other treats like boxes of sweets, flowers, and takeaways also proved popular and are thought to remain in demand even when the world unlocks. Many small businesses and start-ups are not making any great strides towards premises, as things may remain unstable for some time. If you can work from home, it certainly makes sense to do so for the foreseeable future until we find out what the world is going to look like after this crisis has passed. Of course, companies who are able to mail their products will also see the business thrive, as there are plenty of delivery companies. The likes of DHL, Hermes, Royal Mail and more have all seen demand increases, and many have taken on more stuff. Drivers with Amazon contracts have been working around the clock to keep up with the demand. So, if you are in the craft industry and make items that need to be posted, there are certainly plenty of couriers available.

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Thank Goodness You are Back 

Final business trend 2021 is the thank goodness you are back category, with hairdressers, nail salons, tattoo parlours, and more all set to find themselves busier than they have ever been as soon as restrictions are lifted, and they are allowed to see clients face to face again. It is clear from social media platforms that people are missing these essential services, and home haircuts and failed manicures are leaving them desperate for the professionals to reopen. While animal services such as vets have been open the whole time, groomers have been restricted to welfare grooming only, so again there will be a mad dash to get Fido’s haircut when the time is right.

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