Business Trips for Dummies, What Am I Gonna Need?

The social distancing culture brought about by the prevailing pandemic has meant that more business is now conducted on Zoom and other similar channels. Even so, nothing beats face-to-face meetings when it comes to fostering long-term business and professional relationships.

Are you planning to make a trip to New York for your first business meeting? This post is for you. Inside, we share five simple tips to help you prepare well and stay relaxed throughout your visit.

Travel Arrangements

One of the first and most important steps when planning for a business trip is to book your travel, whether that’s air, car or rail. A few factors to consider here are the availability of flights due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, size of luggage, and cost.

If your business trip is work-related, take time to understand the company’s policy on such travels to ensure you’re fully compliant with the set guidelines.

Select your Accommodation

Making travel arrangements is just a small part of the jigsaw. You will need to select suitable accommodation for your needs. One crucial consideration to make here is to ensure you’re staying as closest to your meeting place as possible. This will help you avoid traffic snarls which can be crazy in NYC during rush hours.

If your trip is company commissioned, chances are high bookings will be made on your behalf. But if this is not the case, find out if there are any existing policies on how much you can spend on accommodation before starting your search. While at it, check if the amenities offered are suitable enough to make your stay there comfortable. For example, at what time do they serve breakfast? Is there free Wi-Fi or enough power points to charge your devices?

Looking to stay in NYC for several weeks or even months? You might want to avoid hotels and consider other more comfortable and budget-friendly viable options including furnished rentals. These facilities come fully serviced, offer more privacy, and feel more like your home compared to hotel stays. Most importantly, they will cost you less in the long run and also enable you to be more productive.

Put Together a Well-Detailed Itinerary

A well-thought-out itinerary serves as a blueprint for a successful business trip. It helps you stay in control over important details including transport times, travel reservations, meeting times, and hotel or apartment addresses. Your itinerary should also include time to relax and also account for the usually busy New York traffic.

The good thing is you can automate your itineraries today with tools such as Inspirok or Sygic Travel. These apps are designed to align your itinerary with your work calendar, while you can also share this information with your colleagues.

Get Your Travel Documents Ready

This mainly applies if you’re outside the US and want to travel to NYC for business. Some of the must-have documents include a valid passport, visa and travel tickets. If you’re within the country, you might also need to carry some form of identification, probably a workplace ID or a business card with your credentials on it. Also, to be safe, consider bringing your driving license and your government-issued identification card.

Research Your Destination (NYC in this Case)

Travelling to a place you are familiar with can feel more relaxed and comfortable. This is exactly what you should strive for, especially if it’s your first coming to New York. Try to find out more about the city’s culture on things like dressing, food, and general etiquette. You don’t want to create the wrong impression on whoever you’re meeting for business as this can even hinder your chances of coming out with a good deal.

Another important area to research about the city are places to visit during your free time and in-between meetings. NYC is strewn with tens of attractions and cultural sites including the following:

Statue of Liberty

This is a significant landmark in NYC, as a symbol of the city and the country that has been in existence since 1886. At 151 feet tall and weighing 450,000 pounds, it’s one of the world’s largest statues and a sight to behold.

Central Park

You just can’t afford to leave Central Park out of your itinerary when visiting NYC for the first time. Head over to this massive green park right within the city and peddle, take a carriage ride, or just walk around to enjoy the scenery.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Are you into arts and history? This museum, popularly known as the Met, was set up in 1870 and houses well over 2 million pieces of art with some as old as 5000 years.

Business trips don’t have to be nerve-wracking or boring. With the tips we’ve shared with you here, you can make your visit to NYC a fruitful and memorable one.

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