Buy mouthwash, get smartphone

Sweet dreams — and deals — are made of this. A Mumbai man reportedly ordered for a mouthwash on Amazon and got a smartphone instead. No, Diwali dhamaka hasn’t come early to balance the gloom in the brick-and-mortar world outside.

The hapless customer had been mistakenly delivereda phone worth about Rs 13,000. No news has been ascertained yet whether the person who ordered the phone has been delivered the four 250 ml bottles of mouthwash worth Rs 459. The aggrieved customer, being exceedingly honest of the Yudhisthir kind, even got in touch with Amazon, asking to have the smartphone be sent to its rightful yet-to-be-owner.

But like Indian bureaucracy and most algorithms that are sticklers for rules, the response to this request was a negative, of the ‘Not possible, sir’ kind. ‘And why not?’ like the customer with his mouthwash lost in the ether, you may well ask. Because Amazon’s return policy doesn’t allow it. He had ordered a consumer product and he was trying to return an electronic good.

That’s as ridiculous as registering on CoWIN and not getting a scheduled slot to get vaccinated. Thousands of e-shoppers have already started ordering mouthwash — in the ardent hope that a smartphone, or something even more happily surprising, will land up at the door. Meanwhile, phone buyers are getting exceedingly nervous


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