Buying Guide for Readymade Eyelet Curtains

Buying Guide for Readymade Eyelet Curtains

Curtains can potentially change the appearance and feel of a room or living area. They have become an essential part of decor which is often taken for granted but remember that and completely make or break the look of your place. Therefore they should be given proper attention and should not be taken lightly. There exist a wide range of readymade eyelet curtains to choose from to update your windows. And of course, while they decorate your place they perform some practical functions as well so be confident of what you are buying? Follow our simple guide given below to buy the right readymade eyelet curtains online.

Where to Begin?

The point is where to begin. If you have just shifted to a new place and have a blank space, you can choose the window dressing to lay the foundation for the color and pattern for your place. But if your place is already decorated, work with the existing interior to update your windows. Make sure you choose something that belongs to the same family of color as your interior. So start with finding the perfect & complementary tone for your place.

Purpose of Curtains

Next step is to determine the purpose for which you are buying them. Because their fabric varies with the function they perform. So consider whether you need them to provide you privacy, insulate your place, filter out excess light, provide complete blackout, dress up the windows formally, provide a guard against UV radiations and protect soft furnishing, or block noise. These requirements will help you know the kind of fabric like for a blackout you are required to buy a thick and opaque fabric, for a sun-kissed and airy place-sheer fabric, for noise reduction-thick & layered panels, and for thermal insulation- panels with a thermal lining are the best available option.

Climatic Condition

Now, consider the climatic condition because it is not practical to buy penis separately for a different season. So you need to choose the one that is versatile enough to use throughout the year. For example, if you live in tropical areas you should hope for thermal backed or heavy & opaque curtains to video the intensity of the heat during summer and create a lovely cold ambience. On the other hand, you can choose the lightweight fabric and hang the owner double-track combining with a cotton or linen panel for warmer months. The latter option is more suitable and can be used in all season by customizing the layers according to need.

Measure for Drape & Fullness

Curtains look nicer if you use more fabric material, generally fabric twice than the width of your pole is recommended. To measure the drop, the inner edge is set 3cm down from the top. Or measure from anywhere you like and finish it to the desired drape maybe a few cms above the floor. Add 3 cm to the measured length to make the chance of smaller panels unlikely. For instance, if you measure the drop 230 cm from the top of the panel then add 3cm to it and place an order for a 233cm long panel.

Similarly to measure the width, avoid measuring it right inside from the frame. Instead, measure 5 to 6 cm outside the frame from both sides. It’ll cover your window completely and prevent the sunlight or noise from coming in. Once you have noted the width, multiply it with 2 or 2.5. This is done to add fullness to the panels and create a designer look.

Maintenance and Care Techniques

You’ll surely not want to spend money on their maintenance. So while buying, determine whether you are buying the machine washable or dry clean only. Dry cleaning ads up to the cost, plus you need to go to a professional dry cleaner and waste your time and money. On the other hand, if you buy a machine washable pair of curtains, you can clean them right at home saving both time and money. But remember that high quality and expensive fabrics like silk & velvet should not be washed domestically or you’ll ruin their texture.

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