Buying Your First Oris? 4 Things You Should Know

Buying Your First Oris? 4 Things You Should Know

Oris watches are prominent among watch collectors. And how do you not appreciate them when the business provides amazing performance and finishes in all-Swiss pieces at reasonable costs? That has always been the Oris theme, and the evidence is in the results, as these are exceptionally well-made and attractive timepieces that can compete.

Oris is derived from the river that flows behind the warehouse. The term Oris embodies an inherently Swiss industrial concept, one that is linked to nature in a way that aligns with Oris’ adventurous impulses, and even the company’s promotion of protecting the environment through many naturalist groups.

The Oris collection is divided into four classifications: motorsport watches, dive watches, aviation watches, and more conventional, non-sports-centered watches classified as “Culture.” It’s a large and diverse collection, but it’s also well-organized. The following straightforward reference will help you find the perfect Oris immediately.

1. Motor Sports Watch Collection

The Motor Sport series is built around chronographs, but it also contains retro-inspired models, more contemporary designs, and some advanced and more intricate prototypes. Since 2003, Oris has collaborated with the renowned Williams F1 team, providing an entire section of fashionable Williams watches.


This newly resurrected collection of watches initially broadcasted in the 1970s is unmistakably nostalgic of that period. They’re edgy, friendly, and outdoorsy, and they appear to take a ride in just about any classic car, from a Chevelle SS to a Porsche 911. The Chronoris Date has a pleasant internal rotation timing bezel, while the chronographs have a more conventional sub-dial layout with a tachymeter scale. The sizes vary from a genuinely antique 35mm to a 40mm chronograph.

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Williams Racing

The Williams versions are futuristic, mostly black, technological, and elegant, and they carry the essence of Formula 1 driving to the wrist. There are steel versions, but it is the carbon fiber models that fill the product gap between racing and watches. Williams watches are never cautious about displaying their history, from the chronographs to the skeletonized pointer date. If you have a particular driver from the Williams group, you may be able to find a template carrying their title.

2. Dive Watch Collection

Oris splits their dive watches into contemporary and vintage-inspired designs, as they do in all of their other subgroups. Modern-styled pieces are larger and more technically complex, while vintage-inspired versions are often near representations of back-catalog classics.


These are great timepieces of outstanding quality and performance. The Aquis range is wide, with options in titanium, solid gold, and stainless steel, as well as a variety of sizes. For the perfect analog scuba encounter, there are models with a mechanical depth gauge, a three-register chronograph, a regulator of hours and minutes on different dials, day-date complications, and basic date-and-time versions.


The Oris Prodiver is extremely skilled tool watches that have a 60-minute chronograph timer and are lightweight in titanium, intelligible, hard as nails, and big. The GMT has obvious benefits for divers traveling through time zones and the Chronograph provides a secondary timing feature to the bezel, which is useful for timing decompression pauses.

3. Aviation Watch Collection

Oris aviation watches are divided into two categories: contemporary and vintage-inspired designs. Modern-styled aviation watches differ aesthetically and technologically to form a magnificently diverse collection, while vintage-inspired aviation watches are pointer-dates, a hallmark Oris layout.

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Big Crown Pro Pilot

The Pro Pilot series upgrades the Big Crown’s traditional design with edgy blacked-out versions, more complex mechanical settings, and larger case sizes. On top of the regular date and time versions, there are week-daters, alarms, GMTs, altimeters, and chronographs. The Pro Pilots have the same huge readability, solid build efficiency, and rugged disposition as the regular Pilots.

Big Crown

For years, the Oris Big Crown has been an iconic collection, combining vintage aviation vibes with cutting-edge mechanical specs and technology. The distinguished pointer-date versions include a pleasant retro look and a full view of the month across the dial, which many people find useful for developing a glimpse of a greater block of change.

4. Culture Watch Collection

Oris refers to their non-sports pieces as “culture,” referring to works of art that tend either toward the conventional styles of yesteryear or toward the quirkiness of tomorrow’s preferences.


Despite its diversity, the real-worthy Atelier collection is unique in that each watch provides classic elegance without ever veering into imperiousness. The most recent additions to the set involve streamlined mid-century-styled versions devoted to jazz musicians Art Blakey and James Morison, as well as an in-house, 10-day power reserve model, a three-register annual calendar, moon-phase complications, a pointer week-dater, and intricate asymmetrical chronographs.

In a Nutshell

There is no such thing as an “inexpensive” luxury watch, and there are some that are more reasonable than the others. Oris watch prices are unquestionably the best value of all the Swiss-made timepieces presently available in the industry. While not deemed as glamorous as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, or Audemars Piguet, Oris watches are still regarded as high-end designer timepieces. The company produces dependable, durable, and one-of-a-kind watches without the exorbitant price tags demanded by other companies, making them ideal luxury watches for everyday wear.

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