As part of an effort to identify the effects that climate change will have on the state’s complex transportation system, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is conducting region-specific climate change vulnerability assessments for each of its 12 districts.

Caltrans has released four new assessments focusing on Central California and Orange County and the risks posed to their assets by wildfires, extreme temperatures, sea-level rise and coastal bluff erosion. These assessments cover 21 counties including those in the Sacramento region, Central California, mountain regions, and Orange County. Interactive maps created by Caltrans help demonstrate the expected impacts of climate change on the state’s transportation system. For each of Caltrans’ 12 districts, the Summary Reports provide a high-level review of potential climate impacts to the district’s portion of the State Highway System, while the associated Technical Reports present detail on the technical processes used to identify these impacts.

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