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Can I invest a lumpsum of Rs 6 lakh now in equity mutual funds?

I am 28 years old and have around Rs 6 lakh to invest in mutual funds. My risk profile is moderate to high. My investment horizon is around seven years. Is this a good time to invest a lumpsum, considering market fluctuates every day? Which are the best mutual funds?
-Jaayesh Sood

If you have a moderate risk profile and an investment horizon of seven years, you may consider investing in multi cap mutual fund schemes. Here are our recommended multi cap mutual fund schemes:
Best multi cap mutual fund schemes to invest in 2019. You may invest in two multi cap mutual fund schemes.

You may stagger your investments over a few months to benefit from the volatility. You can park the money in a liquid scheme and invest via a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) in a multi cap mutual fund scheme. Or you can keep the money in a savings bank account and SIP in multi cap schemes. You can choose the periodicity of STP or SIP based on how quickly you want to finish your investments. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly SIP as per your risk perception.

Lastly, are you new to mutual funds? If yes, you should seek the help of a mutual fund advisor. We believe investors should start investing on their own only after gaining enough experience and necessary knowledge about mutual funds.


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