Can I Sell My Home Without An Estate Agent

Selling a home is not always easy and so hiring a real estate agent to help with this process can become very appealing, especially for the time and resources you can spare. The most unpleasant are the commissions that can reach 5% of the sale value of the property. So, what will you do to sell your home on our own? Obviously, choosing an online estate agent will be an ideal choice. But what are the aspects that you must keep in mind? If you are willing to sell your home alone, find out in this article everything you need to do.

Is online estate agent an option?

Yes. It is an ideal option to choose. Why? Normally a real estate agent needs much time to find a buyer for your property. They may be professionals, but they have minimum resources of buyer’s data. In fact, they will search both online and offline. Rather, choosing an online estate agent saves your time. How? Through the in-depth knowledge of the market, it knows the average values ​​of the sale of a dwelling according to the type of property and the area in which it is inserted. Even, you can get a quicker response as there are hundreds of buyers and sellers are registered with this portal. Just like an online add – get registered, choose your agent, post add, get visits and calls, show your property, sell it and relax!

All the documents you need

When selling a house without resorting to a real estate property you will need to deal with and have the following documents with you.

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Energetic certificate

The Energy Certificate is required by law for all buildings, whether new or older, that are offered for sale. This document, which has a validity of 10 years, attests the energy efficiency of a property, and can vary between “A +” (meaning a better performance) and “F” (low energy efficiency).

Building Log

This is a kind of document identifying the property, containing all the tax information of the property. The Building Certificate can be requested at the finance portal at zero cost or at any counter of the Tax and Customs Authority. This document is valid for 12 months.

Land Registry and Mortgage Distract

You only need this document – which is nothing more than a mortgage cancellation – if you still have a housing loan contracted for the home you are selling. In addition to all these documents, you should also check the pre-emptive rights with the city hall to make sure that you have a preference for the purchase of your home. It is a document that includes all the registrations made on a property, indicating (if any) the pending registration applications. In essence, this Certificate serves to verify who is the real owner of the property and if there are charges on the same.

Do not forget the taxes

When selling a house, a part of the profit is subject to taxation department, so do not forget that the amount you earn from the sale will have to withdraw a part for this purpose – these are the so-called real estate capital gains. However, if the amount obtained with this transaction is intended to buy another house, then the owner will be exempt from this cost.

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Conclusion: how to advertise?

If you have the patience and in fact you want to save a lot, dealing with the process of selling home alone is ideal. However, if you are a busy person or even if you are out of the country while trying to sell a home, contacting an online real estate portal to help may be the right solution, because this will deal with all the legal part inherent in the process.

First of all you have to take pictures of the various interior divisions of the house and also the exterior. You must disclose these images along with a description that includes all possible information. Enter as many features as possible. Along with the above indications you must obviously provide your contact. You must be prepared and available for the amount of calls and / or emails you will receive, both to visit the house and to know something more about it.


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