Can Link Graph Improve Your Digital Marketing?

Can Link Graph Improve Your Digital Marketing?

The digital revolution has changed the way people work, communicate, and shop. Today, over 80% of people conduct online research before making purchases. In 2019, internet sales generated over $343 billion in revenue.

Companies such as LinkGraph, specialize in providing tools and services that help businesses improve their digital marketing. Learn how to use LinkGraph to strengthen your company’s web profile and implement effective marketing strategies to achieve their sales goals.

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter?

Although more people are shopping online than ever before, companies must compete with businesses worldwide. Successfully attracting new clientele requires a robust online profile. You can raise your company’s profile with effective search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategies. When your business has effective SEO marketing in place, its domain ranking (DR) score—also known as a domain authority (DA) score—will determine where your website appears on search results.

Web browsers regularly evaluate websites and assign DR scores based on several factors, including the number of quality of the site’s backlinks, the number of keywords on the site, the site’s bounce rate, and how easy it is to navigate the site. Effective digital marketing campaigns maintain or strengthen your site’s DR score while using keywords to attract consumers. Sites with the highest DR scores appear on the first page of search results, and the top five search results listed receive over 67% of web traffic generated from search results.

What Tools Does Linkgraph Provide?

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Link Graph offers several services and free tools. You can opt to hire their experts to implement a link building campaign. They also offer a free consultation to discuss how they can implement a campaign designed to increase your volume of good backlinks, also known as inbound links.

LinkGraph’s free backlink analysis tool evaluates the links to your website, while the bulk DA checker allows you to assess the strength of multiple sites simultaneously. You can use the keyword search volume tool to identify the most popular relevant search terms each month, which will allow you to customize the keywords on your website and in your marketing content to capitalize on current search trends.

What Information Can You Access from these Tools?

The backlink analysis tool reports your site’s current DR score and the number of keywords present on your site. It also determines how many strong inbound links you have and how many bad links lead to your site. The tool identifies your site’s biggest competitors.

When you input a keyword into the keyword search volume tool, the tool tells you how many people search for that keyword each month. The tool can produce a report on multiple keywords simultaneously.

How can this Information Improve Digital Marketing Plans?

Once you have the backlink analysis report, you will have a list of all links to your site. The report identifies the website hosting the link — the keywords the link is attached to, and the site’s DR score. You can identify and take steps to remove bad backlinks, which lower your site’s DR score. Bad backlinks include links from sites that aren’t relevant to your company’s industry. These links will direct traffic that isn’t interested in your products, which will increase your site’s bounce rate. When people leave your site immediately without engaging with the content, your DR score goes down. Strong backlinks are links to your site from reputable sources of experts in your industry that lend their credibility to your site. The best links come from sites with high DR scores that have readers interested in your goods or services.

You can use the keyword search volume tool to compare keywords and identify the most common relevant keywords for your business. This will increase the number of searches your site appears in and raise your site’s profile.

The bulk DA checker is a tool that will allow you to compare multiple sites and determine the strength of their online profile. This information can help you determine which sites to contribute blog posts to or pursue inbound links from.

Use LinkGraph’s services to increase the volume of strong backlinks to your site and identify weaknesses in your current SEO strategy. Their experts can help you determine how to customize content and capitalize on the most popular search terms relevant to your industry. These strategies will boost your DR score and raise your site’s profile, generating traffic and sales.

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