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Can my money help save the planet?

Expert advice on making greener choices with your finances

Making the ‘greener choice’ comes naturally to listener Ros. As more people become increasingly aware of how their daily decisions affect the environment, Ros is wondering if she can make a difference to the planet – and her pocket – through her bank account, pensions and plans for investing. Claer talks to the FT’s Alice Ross, author of ‘Investing to Save the Planet’ and Bevis Watts, chief executive of Triodos Bank. Review clip: Global Ethical Finance Initiative.

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Further reading:

-Follow Alice Ross on Twitter and check out her book here

-To read further about greening your money, check out Ethical Consumer Magazine, Good with Money or Make My Money Matter

-You can read an FT interview with Bevis here or check out the FT’s climate hub for the latest on climate change

-For a deep dive into ESG investing, listen to this episode of Money Clinic 

-Here’s some further reading on Danone’s sustainability credentials and on Natwest’s climate pledge

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