Universal Credit is a payment which those who receive may greatly rely on. It may be available to those who are on low income or who are out of work, and need help with their living costs. After entering a claim, it can take around five weeks to get the first payment. This includes a four-week assessment period, as well as up to seven days for it to reach one’s account.

Universal Credit is then paid once per month, on the same date each month.

It may be that the payment is paid in two instalments for those who live in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Gov.uk explains that if the payment date is on a weekend or a bank holiday, then one will be paid on the first working day prior to this.

Claimants get a monthly statement, which tells them how much Universal Credit they will get.

Earlier this year, a Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson said: “We know how important these payments can be.

“To avoid people having to wait any extra time for their benefit or pension payments over the Spring bank holiday, we are paying people early.

“If a payment date is on a bank holiday or weekend, customers will be paid on the last working day before the bank holiday or weekend.”

Universal Credit payments for August Bank Holiday 2019

DUE: Friday, August 23 – as normal

If one is usually paid on the 24th, then the payment date will be unaffected by this bank holiday weekend.

DUE: Saturday, August 24 – payment date one day earlier

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Should the payment have been due on the 24th of this month, which falls on a Saturday, then the payment date will be affected.

DUE: Sunday, August 25 – payment date two days earlier

Likewise, those who are usually paid on the 25th of the month, can expect the money to be paid to their account two days prior.

DUE: Monday, August 26 – payment date three days earlier

This means that if one’s payment date is due on August 26, 2019, then it would instead be made on August 23 this year.

DUE: Tuesday, August 27 – as normal

With the bank holiday weekend having come to an end, the payment date will resume as normal on August 27.

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