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Can you survive the economic slowdown? Take this quiz to find out

How big an emergency fund do you have? Do you have medical insurance? What do you when there is a bloodbath in the equity market — do you panic and rejig your investments or do you stay calm and invested? Do you think you will you survive an economic slowdown? Take this short quiz to find out.

1. When markets tumble, what do you do with equity SIPs?

A) Do nothing

B) Increase SIPs

C) Stop further SIPs

D) Withdraw everything

2. How often do you rebalance your investment portfolio?

A) Once every year

B) After big upmoves

C) Once in 3-4 years

D) Never rebalance

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3. How big is your emergency fund?

A) Can sustain for over 6 months

B) Can last for 3-4 months

C) Will last 1-2 months

D) Don’t have an emergency fund

4. Do you have medical insurance?

A) Self bought as well as group cover

B) Self bought insurance

C) Only group cover from employer

D) No medical insurance

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5. How big are your outstanding loans?

A) No loans outstanding

B) Less than 2 months’ income

C) About 6-8 months’ income

D) More than annual income

6. Is the work of your unit critical for the core operations of your company?

A) Very critical, am in core function.

B) Important but not critical for company

C) Unit is peripheral to the core function

D) Unit not important at all

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7. How sound is your company and prospects of the sector?

A) Company, sector are both doing well

B) Company doing well but sector down

C) Sector doing well but company is not

D) Both company, sector facing problems

8. If required, by how much can you reduce your discretionary expenses?

A) By over 50%

B) By 20-30%

C) Barely 5-10%

D) No reduction possible

Give yourself points on the following basis:
A: 3 points
B: 2 points
C: 1 point
D: 0 point

Your total score will tell you how safe your finances will be in the slowdown

NO REASON TO WORRY: You are prudent with your finances and can tide over the slowdown comfortably.
REASONABLY SAFE: You have taken some precautions though there is room for improvement. Fortify your finances.
ON THE BORDER LINE: You need to take corrective steps immediately. Ensure that you follow the steps listed in the cover story.
IN DANGER ZONE: You are not prepared for the downturn. Unless you change tack, you could face diffi culties in the coming months.


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