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Capcom, the well-respected Japanese gaming giant a lot of gamers have grown up to love, had recently disclosed that it experienced a security breach which then led towards an unauthorized access to some of the company’s files and systems, Infosecurity-magazine reported.

Capcom under attack! The huge question is, why?

According to the source, the developer of both “Resident Evil” and “Street Fighter” claimed that the entire incident was actually discovered during the early hours of November 2 during local time. The said hack impacted both email and file servers as well as other systems.

Capcom themselves have confirmed that the breach was due to the whole unauthorized access that was carried out by a particular third party. This breach has said to halt a number of operations of its own internal networks starting November 2. Capcom then expressed its deepest regret for any of the inconveniences that might happen to the different stakeholders.

Details of damage not yet determined

It was also stated that as of the present, there is also no indication that any of the customer information was actually breached. According to Capcom, this incident hasn’t really affected connections just for playing the company’s own games online or even access to its various different websites.

Due to the lack of information, it is still too early to determine as to whether this raid was intentionally designed to steal certain sensitive information, to deploy ransomware, or maybe even both. The main fact that the whole firm cut its entire internal networks pretty much indicates an attempt to block some type of ransomware spread, although this is still a theory under observation.

Capcom has issued an apology to its shareholders as the website is not yet functioning

According to Capcom’s official statement, the company is still consulting with the police along with a few other related authorities while both trying to carry out the investigation as well as taking measures to restore its own systems.

The company will reportedly continue to offer a few other relevant updates as the other much-awaited facts slowly reveal itself through its websites as well as other known means. In line with the given information, the whole firm is still telling visitors that as of the moment, the website is still unable to reply to other inquiries and/or fulfill certain requests for other documents because of the known “network issues” that it had suffered as of recent.

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Attacks on video game companies have been common

Most gaming companies along with their customers are usually popular targets for cyber attackers. Between July 2018 and June 2020, there were about 152 million different web application attacks and also 10 billion credential stuffing attempts, according to Akamai.

As of the moment, it seems like not much sabotage has been done to the company as the details of the attack have not yet been revealed.

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