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DALLAS, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Capfolio ( has launched the most advanced cryptocurrency trading platform designed for both the beginner and expert trader.  Built with a clean and powerful user interface, infinitely scaling architecture, real-time streaming for market and portfolio updates, as well as advanced security, Capfolio brings together all the resources traders need in one powerful platform.  Featuring both manual and automated trading, Capfolio is the first crypto-trading platform to bring real-time portfolio and market-data streaming with lightning fast millisecond latency.

“After researching all the different platforms out there for my own trading, I realized that none of them offered everything a trader needs to navigate the trading space effectively,” said CTO and co-founder of Capfolio, Aman Bedi. “So that’s why we developed the Capfolio trading platform. We offer more features than anyone else in the cryptocurrency trading space; and we have brought everything under one roof so that users no longer have to subscribe to multiple services to get all of the data they require to make informed trades.”

Capfolio offers robust portfolio management, asset allocation, advanced backtesting, and the ability to create customized algorithms.  The platform includes tools to customize and execute individual trading styles and goals, social trading, as well as news and opinions from expert traders.

One Platform to Rule Them All


  • Automated Trading: Trade across exchanges and automate with millisecond latency. Buy low and sell high with custom allocations to take advantage of trade opportunities.
  • Social Trading: Track and clone trading experts. Experts can also participate in a leaderboard program and regular trading contests, while getting paid for sharing their allocation strategies and trading models.
  • Backtesting Allocations: Test, tweak, and confirm trading strategies with powerful backtesting tools.
  • Curated Research: Gathered from hundreds of sources, up-to-date trading and financial news is run through AI and machine learning algorithms to provide helpful sentiment scores for active traders.
  • Manual Trading: Millisecond-latency provides ease of manual trade execution across various exchanges. Quotes, trades and account updates are all streamed in real time without the need for continual browser-window refreshes.
  • Security: All API keys are securely encrypted and stored using Hardware Security Modules which are FIPS 140-2 validated. Encryption keys are automatically rotated on a regular basis.

About Capfolio
Capfolio is an all-in-one online crypto-currency trading platform. From data gathering and signal tracking to strategy development and automated trading, Capfolio provides all the timely information that investors need to conquer the fast moving 24/7/365 worldwide cryptocurrency market.

Capfolio is a low-latency, institutional quality platform packed with features.  From data gathering and signal tracking, through backtesting and strategy development, to automated trading – investing in cryptocurrencies requires a wide range of tools. Capfolio was built by crypto traders for crypto traders of all levels because we believe everyone should have access to the cryptocurrency markets.  Welcome to the future of Crypto trading!

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Media Contacts:

Aman Bedi, CTO
Molly Ross, CMO

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