Cases of Forced Religious Conversions Happening Today

Even though we are living in the 21st century, some people still are not able to normalize the idea every human being has a different set of views. This gives birth to conflicts between religious groups as well. For those who are not familiar with the term forced religious conversionit is a mal-practice of forcefully converting a person or a group of people into a completely different religion. This mal-practice is prevalent in many developed, under-developed, and developing countries. This is a practice that is common in almost every religion. Though most commonly found in developing and underdeveloped countries, it can easily be found in any corner of the world. 

Forceful Conversions to Islam 

This issue has been the main source of concern for huge media houses. When you start to search for this issue, you will come across multiple cases of forced conversion to Islam that take place all around the world. It is a more dominant issue in Islamic countries. In many of these countries, girls or women of other religions are abducted and are forcibly married off to those who abducted them. Many times a huge number of people are threatened to death in even tortured sometimes in order to convert them in Islam. It is very shocking to believe in these kinds of cases as Islam prohibits forced conversion. Allah also denies accepting the offering and faith of those who have been forcefully converted to Islam. 

Forceful Conversion to Hinduism 

Forced Religious Conversion to Hinduism is common in the Hindu Dominant Countries. The worst part is that these countries take pride in calling them secular, but rarely take any step against this mal-practice. In many cases, predators take advantage of the poverty of the victims. The victims are called to some ceremony where they are asked by a Hindu Priest to chant and offer flowers by Hindu idols. These victims are attracted to the fraud schemes of the Hindu activist. Some are said they will get financial benefits on attending the ceremony and following the rituals. Behind these acts are huge influential Hindu Activist Groups. Sometimes these groups torture, threaten, and even beat up the victims to convert into Hinduism. 

Forceful Conversion To Christianity 

This issue is not only seen in Dominant Christian countries but almost every corner of the world. These people believe their religion and faith to be superior and want to increase the number of followers. It is observed that behind this issue, the main motive is not the product of opposing the faith of other religions but merely to increase the number of followers. In many places, people are manipulated in converting to Christianity, as they promise to benefit them with an amount of money. This method falling under the act of manipulation can be considered as Forced Religious Conversion. In other cases, the act of abduction of small children is prevalent. 

Forceful Conversion To Judaism 

Though this issue has become quite rare in today’s society, that doesn’t mean it does not occur around the globe. When we turn the pages of history, we come across some of the cases of Forceful Conversion to Judaism. Victims of this vicious act fall prey to threats, torture, exile, and much more, which gradually compels them to convert to Judaism. However, it is tough and takes a long time to convert to Judaism. It can take up to a year or so to convert to Judaism. There is no major news of forceful conversion to Judaism, but as per many local media houses, this mal-practice is still prevalent in many remote places of the world. 

Evil Effects of Conversion 

There are too many negative effects of conversion. The people who have been forcefully converted suffer a drastic and reckless change in their lifestyle. It takes them a huge deal of time to settle down with the traditional society there. It disrupts the initial religious culture of the victim, but it also ruins the notion of the religion they are converted to. The ones who have been forcefully converted start to have an anti-national mentality. Last but never the least Forced conversion from one religion to another disrupts universal harmony. 

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