Batman and Catwoman are having a baby

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Even with their marriage fumble and a ton of problems concerning them, Batman and Catwoman have occur alongside one another throughout Tom King’s run of Batman that is whole of determination devoid of truly putting a ring on it. Effectively, it appears to be that they have maybe additional another layer to that determination with a child. Because that’s always a fantastic thought.


— Tom King (@TomKingTK) February 19, 2020

Tom King posted a picture on his Twitter of Selena Kyle and Bruce Wayne, clad in their very best each day have on atop a developing. If you zoom in, you can see that Selena Kyle is sporting a very late-stage infant bump. First of all, the spandex that she takes advantage of for that costume is remarkable, and I respect her want to have catsuit maternity use. Nevertheless … what?

Persons are guessing that this will be component of King’s upcoming sequence Batman/Catwoman, or from King’s tale in the forthcoming Catwoman 80th anniversary special. Polygon comics editor (and Mary Sue founder) Susana Polo brought up that before their wedding day obtained termed off, Selena experienced expressed to Damian Wayne that she didn’t believe she could “raise an individual to be better” than herself. However, a woman has the suitable to alter her intellect, and at minimum this is a baby that Bruce consented to have.

Now, this could generally be a faux-out or a sweeps 7 days-fashion baby, but if Selena is definitely expecting, I’m hoping that this will suggest the return of a person Helena Wayne, the alternate universe Huntress.

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Back in 1977, immediately after the recommendation that Earth-2 should really have its have revamped Batgirl, the staff of Paul Levitz, Joe Staton, Joe Orlando, and Bob Layton made Huntress. Her backstory in the comics was that she grew up as the rich Wayne heir, with her mother and father, her more mature brother Dick Grayson, and 2nd father, Alfred, but then … sigh … Selena Kyle was fridged.

Helena, a great deal like her father, established the alter-ego of Huntress in order to get revenge on the human being dependable for killing her mother. Helena obtained eighty-sixed all through Crisis (just like her stay-motion counterpart throughout the Arrowverse crossover), and the new incarnation of Huntress is a single Helena Bertinelli.

So hopefully, we can get Helena Wayne, but without acquiring to destroy off or if not damage Selena Kyle.

I have witnessed the boy or girl

— Brandon Marino (@TheBatMarino) February 19, 2020

— SpectralDetective (@doylefangirl) February 19, 2020

— Dayne Quartero (@XaeydnQuartero) February 20, 2020

Surprise what Talia is heading to imagine of this pregnancy? Is Damian truly completely ready to be an older brother and not a substantial discomfort in the butt? These questions and additional, we will just have to discover out when the basically tale arrives out.

… I hope Clark is the godfather. Or, there is a struggle royale between Clark and the former Robins to see who will be the godfather. Of course. Which is great.

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