Cause of this universe

The universe is a mystery. No one can say how it came to be. You will find in the Rig Ved, ‘Who knows here, who can here state whence came all this multifarious universe? Even the Devas are posterior to its creation; who then knows whence this came out?’

Some hold that the universe was created out of nothing by a fiat of God and that it will again lapse into nothing at the time of deluge. This dogma of creation ex nihilo is not endorsed by scientists. They say emphatically that what exists now should have always existed, and will continue to exist always in some form or the other. In

philosophy too, one would find, ‘That which is cannot come out of that which is not.’ The Gita also states, ‘There can be no existence out of non- existence, nor can the existent cease to be. The truth about both has been perceived by seers.’

Something can only come out of something. Even so, this universe comes out of Brahmn, rests in Brahmn, and dissolves in Brahmn. In the beginning, Brahmn who is one without a second, alone exists.

When an ordinary, meagre juggler can bring forth fruit, money, sweetmeats…through Indrajala or Sammohana-vidya, can He – the omnipotent, omniscient Ruler – not create this insignificant world for His own play?

Courtesy: Divine Life Society


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