CBD Drinks Market Expected to Skyrocket in 2021

CBD Drinks Market Expected to Skyrocket in 2021

C, B and D have been the three letters on everyone’s lips over the past year or so. The cannabinoid lays claim to a huge range of health properties, and although clinical studies are still ongoing, there is a strong body of anecdotal evidence to support these claims. As a result, you can’t set foot in a health food store or peruse a complementary medicine website without seeing a vast range of CBD products to choose from. 

Traditionally, these have mostly taken the form of oils, tinctures and capsules. But as people have started to learn more about cannabis oil, the market has opened up and new product lines are appearing almost weekly. CBD vapes and CBD edibles were among the hot tickets in 2020. But as we head into the new year, expect the CBD drinks market to take centre stage.  

CBD Drinks 

Industry insiders predict that CBD drinks could prove a genuine disruptor to the beverage and alcohol industries in 2021. Big name brands like Anheuser-Busch and Molson Coors are already taking up a defensive position, forming partnerships with cannabis brands to ensure they are in on the ground floor. 

Just as other CBD products have become a major power in the complimentary health sector, CBD infusions are likely to be a draw to health-conscious consumers who want a guilt-free alternative to the alcohol or caffeine-laden staples. Early movers already have a number of CBD drinks on the market, and they encompass every type of beverage. Let’s take a look at a few examples. 

CBD Soda 

We could add sugar to that list of guilt-inducing ingredients in popular drinks. A cold fizzy drink is just the thing when you’ve been active, whether that means circuit training or just entertaining the kids in the garden. CBD seltzers and sodas started to appear on the US market last year. There’s no sugar added, but there is a 20mg dose of CBD. It could be exactly what you need to ease your aching muscles and help you to wind down.  

CBD Coffee 

Artisan coffee shops are a growing presence on our high streets, and they are always eager to offer something new. If the elderflower and rose lattes are leaving you cold, look out for CBD infusions, which are starting to show up with increasing regularity. The important thing to keep in mind here, however, is that CBD oil is more than just another flavour syrup to be slopped into your cappuccino. With every respect to our nation’s fine baristas, they cannot be expected to be experts in cannabis oils, so it is worth finding out exactly what kind of oil they are using and in what dosage before trying your first cup.  

CBD Beer 

We mentioned a couple of major brewers who are looking into adding CBD beers to their portfolios. Others, however, are already hitting the shelves. Hop & Hemp has devised a craft beer that contains 8 mg of CBD but has an alcohol content of just 0.5 percent. A beer that cures headaches instead of causing them? Now that’s got to be worth a second look.  

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