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TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Security has always been a critical issue for companies. From data security to personnel control, I.X has invented the world’s first wireless secure eBadge for authentication and data encryption to solve your concerns.

With the global patent three-key authentication mechanism (Smartphone, IX wireless eBadge, I.X security platform) along with Blockchain technology, I.X provides the highest level of security control over software combining with physical key and the exclusive 2FA secondary identity login verification with electronic signature as approval process. All communication data and messages are encrypted and protected, and not compromised to ensure data security. Besides, I.X helps enterprises to enhance login security and sensitive data protection, allowing IT or management to audit access records.

Everything is safe and under surveillance with just one badge

I.X Wireless Secure eBadge is the first digital eBadge which has a built-in EAL5+ security chip along with the exclusive three-in-one wireless encryption that combines employee ID card, door access, and physical key system. The eBadge can provide the administration console for easy managing and setting of employee ID related information. In addition, the eBadge also supports Mifare door entrance system, which is one of the most commonly used entrance control systems in the world. Furthermore, the eBadge can be seamlessly integrated with I.X 2FA+ and I.X Secure Browsing to reach the highest security control requirement.

I.X 2FA+ is the advanced 2FA authentication mechanism combined with hardware key or key box as an option. The user can uses the smartphone + I.X wireless secure eBadge as a 2FA login. With 2FA, there would be no need to worry about passwords being stolen and no need to change password regularly because authentication is protected by secure eBadge and owned by the company. I.X secure platform can also integrate with enterprise services (e.g. PC / MAC login, enterprise ERP, CRM, HR system, etc.) to achieve the single-sign-on, and can also upgrade normal VPNs with high-level 2FA login, it can also applied to online banking and mobile app login to strengthen login protection.

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I.X Secure Browsing is a built-in secure browser that can prevent data from leaking. This can provide secure access to the company’s intranet services from outside (eg Email, NAS, ERP, CRM, File server, etc.), and each access will have an employee’s digital signature with undeniable electronic audit records. The I.X Gateway can filter unauthorized browser access and prohibits screenshots, and provides watermark on each page user viewed.

Experiencing the best Identity as a Service solution

I.X was established to bring innovation to enhance security levels in corporate, finance, semiconductor, and healthcare industries. In recent years, I.X is bringing a cybersecurity platform for user identification, multi-factor login authentication, data encryption and audit control.

The innovative Identity as a Service solution for data security has made I.X being selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion:



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