CHANDIGARH: The pitch by a startup seeker needs to be precise yet catchy enough to urge a deep dive from a potential investor, successful businessmen and industry stalwarts told budding entrepreneurs at the third edition of CANNABLE.

The event, an initiative of Chandigarh Angel Network (CAN), forum of young entrepreneurs, organized in partnership with the Times of India and Startup Punjab, brought over 200 prospective entrepreneurs, investors and mentors at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Mohali on Saturday.

“The presentation needs to have a hook that engrosses the target individual so that a platform is build for road ahead,” Munish Jauhaur, CEO at Chandigarh based Greycell Technologies told the young entrepreneurs. The chapter themed ‘Speed is Everything’ saw over 30 angel investors and mentors impart lessons to up-and-coming entrepreneurs on how to garner funding and mentorship to grow their startups.

Euric Auzlay, director, Nexus Startup Hub at American Centre, shared insights on art of elevating a pitch for a potential investor, saying a concise and distinguishable pitch is effective enough to push a potential investor to share his visiting card. “It needs to be precise enough that the you are able to make a point across to Warren Buffet if you happen to find him a elevator that is going up to 30 storey,” Auzlay pointed.

Naveen Tewari, CEO at mobile marketing and advertising platform provider InMobi, said the dogged pursuit often is key to the win rather than great ideas that fail to materialize.”The key to success is not the idea but attitude of not to die,” Tewari said.

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No company has a future without data, Siddharth Oberoi, CEO at Let’s Shave, told young entrepreneurs, advising them to build on core strengthen rather than backward or forward integration in order to attain volume of scale. Oberoi listed low attrition and lower cost of operation as inherent advantages of operating business ventures from small city like Chandigarh.

Kunal Nandwani, CEO uTrade Solutions, urged young entrepreneurs to focus their startups to provide solutions to burning issues of inequality and climate change.



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