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In today’s article, I want to tell you about an actual “crypto situation” that I involved in last week. My son called me with a question he had about needing to swap one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. He was looking for some guidance from me and I was more than happy to help him! He needed to make the swap quickly and wanted me to make a recommendation on how to accomplish this crypto swap right away.

Without hesitation, I quickly recommended ChangeAngel.

ChangeAngel is an easy to use crypto-to-crypto, wallet-to-wallet swap. Their swap exchange service is an easy to understand process that beginners can feel comfortable using. Let me explain. Using my son as an example, he wanted to swap some bitcoin for digibyte. Instead of going to a digital currency exchange to buy bitcoin and then sending that bitcoin to an exchange that sold digibyte, I offered my son a simplier solution. ChangeAngel let’s you send your cryptocurency to their exchange and immediately swap it for another cryptocurrency. ChangeAngel has 23 coins list ed that you can swap one for the other.

ChangeAngel is led by a team of dedicated individuals who have a passion for excellence. Jin, Dean, Ben, Dave and Divyam are the team members who make this all possible. I asked Dean why he wanted to start ChangeAngel. His response was, “To help the original non-ICO projects and to unite the crypto communities.” 

On the ChangeAngel website it says, “The Swap Exchange for Social Good.” I asked Dean what exactly that meant. He said, ”Social good is about engagement with communities, helping to support charitable efforts and trying to help people and businesses in the crypto community to prosper.”

In closing, if you want to make a crypto-to-crypto swap and do so easily, please consider using ChangeAngel. My son was very happy with his experience using their platform and was surprised at how quickly  the transaction was made.

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