Changes In Slot Games Over Time

Changes In Slot Games Over Time

Imagine this; a particularly avid slot gambler cryogenically freezes themselves in a freak accident somewhere during the 1960s, and awakes unharmed in the year 2019. Sure, it takes them a few weeks to return to normality and get used to the modern world, but it doesn’t take long for their fervour for slot gambling to come back so they head to the casino… 

Just imagine the look of surprise on their face when they realise quite how much slot games have changed over time! It would be almost unbelievable to someone who hadn’t lived alongside some of the developments in the industry – you cannot argue with that. Read on for a breakdown of some of the biggest changes in slot game history, including some Wizard Slots games

Network Progressive Jackpot Slots 

During the early 1980s the slot machine industry saw one of the biggest developments it had ever seen: the emergence of the fabled Megabucks machines, and alongside this a new way of constructing a progressive jackpot slot. Oh yes, network progressive jackpot slots had arrived, something that meant that spinning the reels was about to get a whole load more lucrative. 

On network progressive jackpot slots any losing spin across any machine in the network results in the jackpot going up by a small amount. You can only imagine how large the jackpots became after this – nowadays they regularly hit over the $10 million mark! 

The Internet for online slot games

The emergence of online slots is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most ground-breaking thing to happen in the whole history of the slot industry. In fact, it is actually difficult to put into words quite how important this singular development has been to the whole industry, increasing its popularity tenfold. 

Now you can play slots from pretty much anywhere in the world ensuring you have an adequate Internet connection. The practicality is one thing, but because everything is now done through software, it has also allowed developers to be way more creative with how their slots look and work. 

Bonus Features on your favourite slots games

An example of this is the at times stupendously complex bonus features that can be found across the online slot market. No joke here, play a game like Immortal Romance, for instance, and you will quickly realise that it just would not be possible to translate into an old-fashioned physical state pg slot machine.

More bonus features means a lot more win-potential in most cases, something that in turn attracts more and more gamblers to the cause. Funnily enough this then means that developers have an even bigger impetus to create even crazier bonus features! 

3D Technology Slots

Another huge change that slot games have undergone over time is the emergence of 3D technology across the board in the online casino sphere. Someone used to playing the pixelated 2D slots of the past would be blown away after encountering a 3D game like Starburst or Bonanza. 

Virtual Reality Gaming

You really think the slots industry will stop progressing now? It could seem as though developers have advanced as much as they possibly can, but that would be discounting the imminent arrival of VR in slots. Watch this space…  

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