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Cheap Ways to Transform a Rental Apartment into a Cosy Home

Cheap Ways to Transform a Rental Apartment into a Cosy Home

With some lucky exceptions, we’re now a nation of renters – one in five people in the UK is renting their place from a private landlord. This lack of a permanent home has impacted not only our finances but our aesthetic principles too – knowing that we’ll have to vacate the apartment sooner or later, we tend to put up with bland rooms and lacklustre interiors. What’s more, some landlords are very strict about changes in their property, leaving very little room for creative tweaks. So can you really make a rental feel like your home? Good news – you totally can.

In this article, we’ll look at the most simple and affordable ways a tenant can improve their rental home or apartment. Read on if you want to minimize costs and maximize your home’s visual impact!

Layer Up Cushions and Throws

No matter the size and location of your rented home, it should feel warm and welcoming. A couple of cuddly throws and toss pillows will instantly transform your bedroom or living room into a cosy nest where you can relax after a tiring day at work. You can even design unique home textiles with your own photos – create a personalised blanket and wrap yourself up in memories every time you snuggle up on the couch!

Buy New Curtains

Typically, landlords use very basic curtains or blinds – blank and forgettable, the type that can easily be replaced and won’t cost a lot of money. But the chances are your landlord won’t stop you if you want to replace those basic curtains with something that’s more in line with your personal sense of style. Windows are a natural focal point of any room and finding the right curtains or blinds can immediately change a room’s ambience.

Change Lampshades

Lampshades are another often-overlooked interior element with big aesthetic potential. You can buy new ready-made lampshades or give your old ones a DIY update – give them a new colour, decorate them with mini ornaments, or try out the decoupage technique for a fresh, original look. And don’t forget to revamp the inside of the shade too – choose colours that contrast with the shade’s outer surface and use spray paint for precise and easy colouring.

Get Plants

Unless you’re lucky enough to be renting somewhere with a back garden, most likely your rental place won’t have much in the way of plant life. Even if you don’t have a passion for gardening, consider getting at least a couple of plants – there are tons of varieties that will grow happily indoors with minimal care. And if you’re in doubt about which plants to choose, just ask for advice in a plant store or check out some green-fingered blogs.

Decorate with Removable Wall Art

Covering bare walls with posters or canvas prints is one of the easiest solutions for cosying up your space. But not every landlord allows tenants to drill into the walls for purely aesthetic reasons – which means you should look for wall art with alternative hanging systems.

Lightweight posters that can be secured with tape or putty are an evergreen choice, but other solutions are becoming increasingly popular too. For example, MIXPIX® photo tiles, available at, let you create original wall art patterns and rearrange them any time you fancy a fresh look.

All in all, sprucing up a rented place is neither too difficult nor too expensive – just don’t forget to check your lease to find out what you are – and aren’t – allowed to do. It’s also a good idea to use materials and decor elements that you can take with you when you finally move on to your next home. Follow our recommendations and you’ll be surprised how big an impact a little change can make!

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