Chevrolet Bolt EV LT vs Premier. What is the Difference?

Chevrolet Bolt EV LT vs Premier. What is the Difference?

In 2017, an extremely affordable electric-powered car was introduced named The Chevrolet Bolt Ev. The car is considered as the best all electric vehicle and has an amazing range for electrical options to choose from. The car also offers great comfort and safety features that we have discussed below.

In addition, Chevrolet Bolt EV has two trim levels labelled as the LT and the Premier. Both of these have impressive technology installed in them along with the same single-speed transmission and electric motor. However, the major difference the LT and Premier has is in their convenience package.

In this article, we have briefly described the difference between Chevy Bolt LT vs Premier in several categories such as their performance capabilities, mechanical difference, exterior and interior difference, etc.

Difference Between Chevy LT and Premier

Some more differences between the two trims include heated front seats, automatic setting of rear-view mirror, and steering wheel wrapped in leather. The Premier model has all these features available in it’s convenient package. However, you can still add these on the LT trim as an upgrade.

The Performance Capabilities

The all-electric motor in both the trims is capable of producing around 200 to 250 horsepower. As mentioned above, both LT and Premier have the same electric motors installed in them that potentially offer them power and instant torque for impressive speed and acceleration. The motor also helps them with smooth and quiet drive. Along with it, for good handling, the front-wheel drive configuration is considered best in both car models.

The Mechanical Differences

The stock mechanical features of both the trims are mostly the same just like the electric motor. This includes a fast-charging option in the car that allows the car owner to charge their Bolt EV swiftly at public charging stations. Moreover, a portable cord of 120-volt is also available with the option.

Another mechanical feature available is the transmission system that allows one-pedal driving where the brake pedal can be ignored while driving. Along with it, the trims also feature power steering, semi-independent rear suspension and front suspension.

The Safety Features

One of the most important categories to consider while buying a car is definitely its safety features. The Chevy cars have impressive safety features and equipment in them. However, the Premier model has a few extra driver support available than the LT model. The reason for this is the difference in their cost.

The Premier offers an upgrade in the HD rear-view camera in comparison to the LT trim package. It is also facilitated with a surround-view camera in HD quality. Both these features add to the overall safety of the driver.

Also, one of the systems installed in the Premier trim is the rear-parking assist that gives an audible warning when the car gets too close to other objects. It helps the driver while reversing the car or to detect cross traffic that is behind them. This is certainly a handy feature.

Also, both trims come with airbags of good quality and 10 standard level. Another similar feature is the LED daytime lights and the monitoring system alerts. In short, the car are technologically advanced with impressive features and settings that are extremely handy. 

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