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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2022 / Chibi Dinos has mastered the art of merging traditional eSports with Web3 technology in the company’s supercharged play-to-earn game Primal Pick’em through strategic brand partnerships. It’s no surprise P2E games have been dominating blockchain activity, but the link between real world partnerships and the Metaverse has been an innovative power move setting the Chibi Dinos’ ecosystem apart from traditional NFT projects.

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From their NBA partners with PJ Washington, Bobby Portis and Terrance Mann to their collaboration with the top Web3 tech companies, Chibi Dinos’ is transforming Web3 and play-to-earn gaming one partnership at a time. In recent events Chibi Dinos’ announced the launch of Primal Pick’em, in partnership with Infinite World and the AI technology company GameOn. Chibi Dinos founder Sean Kelly expands on the brand’s development into Web3, “In the NFT industry we often see the focus of Web3 games specifically on the blockchain technology, with little to no emphasis on innovation and strategy of the game. I think that’s what sets us apart. We harness the conventional blueprint of esports gaming to enhance the gaming experience in the Metaverse. The link between Web2 and Web3 was the focus when developing Primal Pick’em.”

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Primal Pick’em is an online game that overlays earning crypto on top of an existing, popular Web2 concept where players can make predictions on live broadcasted basketball games throughout the season to earn tokens and NFTs. $HOOP is the official token for the Chibi Dinos’ ecosystem which secured pre-listing investments. Chibi Dinos plans to release the $HOOP coin later this summer 2022. As a reward to Chibi Dinos holders, and early Primal Pick’Em players, there will be a limited time opportunity to earn $HOOP pre-IDO at zero cost. All one needs to do is play Primal Pick’em, and every game they play they earn prizes. This ability enables newcomers to have an equal opportunity during the NBA Final game launch to get $HOOP token earnings.

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The fun, playable IP driven experiences that Primal Pick’em and the Chibi team bring to Web3 is just one of the many strategic advantages the project has to offer. “It’s an exciting time to be in gaming and I can’t wait for our holders to see what else we are bringing to them through our Chibi Adventures,” stated CEO Jeremy Linblad.

In an industry that is obsessed with the future and the evolution of blockchain technology, the convergence of esports and virtual reality is a timely and powerful advancement. While Blockchain technology offers new possibilities, these possibilities are grounded in the mechanics of pre-Web3 games and a frontier Chibi Dinos’ has clearly mastered. To stay up to date with the latest partnerships and announcements on Chibi Dinos follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

About Chibi Dinos

Chibi Dinos LLC is an NFT Company with a play-to-earn ecosystem providing the most innovative and entertaining utility for gamers and sports fans with playable NFT characters. Chibi Dinos are redefining the definition of play-to-earn, boasting a robust online game for holders to earn prizes and real-world experiences through live-stream basketball games. Use your Chibi Dinos NFTs to play on one of the ten basketball teams in the Chibi Dinos universe Chibiverse where players earn tokens, potions, rankings, gear, and more. Compete in tournaments, PVP games, or explore the Chibi Dinos adventure universe for rare items, unlock-able content, asset advancement, and staking opportunities.

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