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A group of Chilean scientists has spearheaded unprecedented research in the country, including arausenia and that it is the first of its kind Latin America, It is an initiative that uses a technology called LENA and makes it possible to measure the impact stimulation program.

Take (short for Language Environment Analysis) is a software which seeks to determine the extent to which fostering more interactive interactions can help families improve their children’s early language skills and, in turn, their preparation for school. Power Family FoundationAn expert in early childhood education, has used Tantra increase in language skills 140. From boys and girls Up to the age of four in a vulnerable position throughout the country.

Studies have shown that conversational interactions – specifically, back-and-forth interactions – are an important factor in healthy brain development in childhood. However, most families do not know how much they talk to their children, something that can now be measured thanks to the initiative, which will be implemented in addition to the Fundación Familias Power. Soki. cooperate withA platform for the development of initiatives that promote play, emotional connection and meaningful learning between boys and girls and their most important adults.

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In particular, Chilean children must wear Device, smaller than a mobile phone, in a bag inside a gown for two days. One, at the start of the program and, again, on the closing day, which will take place in December. Thus, based on the data collected, it will be possible to compare the impact of the Foundation’s sessions on children and their families.

“More and more research shows that interaction between an adult and a child is essential for children to develop language skills appropriate for their age. By looking at the audio environment, we are helping vulnerable children in our country to have a better future. and will be able to develop their full potential through ideal or challenging listening environments that positively influence assertiveness and conversational inflection,” said executive director of the Family Power Foundation, anne traub,

The 140 selected children are distributed in 15 communes throughout Chile, including areas such as Maria Pinto, Curacavi, High Hospice, Cholchol, Black River and Fruit Garden, among others. This project will be financed by Colunga Foundation, Hynes Foundation and Prism Group,

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