Circle July 5 on your calendars!

As we moved from Father’s Day on Sunday (also International Surfing Day and International T-Shirt Day) to International Yoga Day on Monday (also World Giraffe Day and World Peace and Prayer Day), today being World Rainforest Day sounds almost serene. While Wednesday, June 23, brings us World Widows’ Day and Thursday, June 24, delivers to our doorstep – after probably running out of real things – International Fairy Day as well as World UFO Day, we may be craving for a day that is, well, just a plain, old day.

This month, June 2, 10 and 11 sped by as just another Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – these were the only days this month that were not assigned for anything or anyone in particular. For most of us who missed out on experiencing this thrill attached to a day associated with nothing, which is the next upcoming date we should circle in our calendars? All June days are booked up, alas. It can’t be July 1 – International Joke Day. Can’t be July 2, as, strangely, it’s World UFO Day again! July 3 is too important as International Drop a Rock Day. And, this year, the first Saturday of July is International Day of Cooperatives. So, peeps, July 5, exactly two weeks from now, is the next big day. It has been given no responsibility, none whatsoever. We can’t wait for it to come so as to make no comment on it. Whatsoever.


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