CIT’s Rubicon Centre confers awards on innovative entrepreneurs in the 2019 New Frontiers programme – Irish Examiner

The winners from the 12 ambitious entrepreneurs in the New Frontiers programme will be unveiled at an awards ceremony in the Rubicon Centre (Cork Institute of Technology) running from 7:30 to 9:00 this morning.

These 12 new businesses range from healthcare and software solutions to innovative food products and an airline passenger taxi share service. Previous programme participants included successful businesses such as Abtran, Aspira, Cully and Sully, Crest Solutions, Treemetrics and Radisens Diagnostics.

Alison Walsh, New Frontiers programme manager, said: “Supported by an expert team of trainers, mentors and advisers coupled with on-going one-to-one support from my colleagues at the Rubicon Centre and Enterprise Ireland, this vibrant cohort of innovators developed their skills, researched and validated their business ideas in a supportive environment whilst raising their entrepreneurial aspirations.

“Today they have all successfully launched start-up companies which can grow and scale internationally. Several of the companies have secured investment in addition to sales and distribution channels in Ireland and overseas so exciting times ahead for the entrepreneurs.”


Christina O’Dwyer, Everywhere Medical Ltd: Developing a user-friendly ostomy appliance with an effective seal in a global market due to reach US$3.5bn by 2026. Many users of current ostomy devices report leakages and discomfort.

Dan Mulcahy, RideShair: A ridesharing solution for airlines, global distribution systems and travel technology companies and conferences. In advanced talks with leading global airlines and global taxi groups.

Dave Jeffrey, ToDesktop: A self-service SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that allows businesses to convert their Web App to a Desktop App quickly and easily. It is an online builder which guides businesses through the process of designing a desktop app from their existing web app.

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Loretta Kennedy, Mama Bear Foods: Offering range of healthy, nutritional and tasty functional family foods. A producer of great tasting high tech foods. All of the products in the Mama Bear range are free from refined sugar and gluten and are high in functional ingredients. Already stocked in leading Irish retail chains.

Loretta Kennedy

Marian Kennedy, Post Partum Relief Healthcare: A range of hygiene products for new mothers, including a comfort spray, bath wash and shower gel. Products being developed with involvement of leading obstetricians and gynaecology services.

Mike O’Neill, RiiConnect: A digital detox app focused on helping employees increase productivity as a team, by managing the distracting elements of their digital life. Currently beta testing with leading companies focused on team development and productivity.

Nora Irwin, Arona: Travel-sized, flight-friendly solid perfumes and colognes made using organic beeswax, natural pure essential oils and absolutes, and sold in 7ml containers, suitable for travel without checked luggage. Its unique selling points are already attracting retailer interest.

Pedro Dasilva, AtDaLitho: Developing services for smart charging devices with self-powering sensing technology, creating energy from vibrations. Its target market is the Internet of Things (IOT) industry with its demand for smart charging solutions and low power management services.

Ryan O’Neill, Legit Fit: An online platform that supports independent health and fitness professionals to manage and grow their business. An online platform that manages booking and scheduling, billing and payments. Already gaining market traction in Ireland and UK.

Ryan O’Neill

Sean Barni, Masqt: A digital shield, it helps people protect their personal and financial data, safely and easily, both online and off, by providing users with masked email addresses, phone numbers, and payment cards – functional, disposable alternatives to use in place of their own.

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Steve Fleming, Voxify: An IT Experience Management (ITXM) platform for the Enterprise, helping companies measure the effectiveness of the IT platforms and services they use. It systematically gathers candid feedback from employees, and translates that into measurable action plans for IT organisations.

Tara Zuluaga Dorgan, Gut Instinct: A developer of functional health foods, notably award-winning bone broths newly launched on the Irish market, with very positive feedback. Delicious broths made using 100% Irish grass-fed beef and local botanicals, the company is entering a highly valuable global functional health food market.


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