Cleaning Services in London

Cleaning Services in London

If you live in London finding good quality cleaning services for your home or business is really important. A brilliant cleaning service allows you to focus on the important things in life while knowing that your home or business is perfectly clean and safe for your family or staff. So, what should you look for in a cleaning service to ensure that you get the best deal possible? Well, that all depends on the cleaning service you are after. Here’s a breakdown of our cleaning services available in London. We offer every cleaning service imaginable so that your home and business can be cleaner than ever before.

Domestic Cleaning Services in London

We offer lots of domestic cleaning services because we understand that our domestic cleaning customers in London have many different needs. Throughout the years, we have added lots of cleaning services to our list of services to ensure that we can cover every cleaning task our customers may need. Our domestic cleaning services in London include:

Regular domestic cleaning – these are our maid services. Our cleaners can come to your home once a week, every two weeks or whenever you need them to. They take care of the daily cleaning tasks that you don’t have time to do.

End of tenancy cleaning – a top to bottom clean just before you hand your keys back to your landlord.

After construction cleaning – a deep clean that cleans up after building work in the home.

Deep Cleaning – A Spring Clean any Time of Year

Housekeeping – flexible tasks that include help with shopping and errands, laundry and ironing. Similar to regular domestic cleaning, but slightly more involved. Designed to help with a bit more than cleaning.

Ironing – Ironing Services Done in Your Home

Steam cleaning – a deep clean of kitchens, ovens, windows and bathrooms

Carpet and upholstery cleaning – a deep clean of your carpets and soft furnishings. This cleaning service can also be included with some of our others cleaning services for an additional charge, like our end of tenancy and deep clean services.

As you can see, these domestic cleaning services really cover everything a home could need. From daily cleaning tasks to a deep clean that can bring your home back to life once more. One of the best things about our cleaning services in London, though, is that they are affordable, and they are done by fully-trained, hard-working cleaners that care about you.

Commercial Cleaning Services in London

Just like our domestic cleaning services, we have added loads of cleaning services to our commercial cleaning list to ensure that every business across London can benefit from our cleaning services. We clean a huge number of businesses throughout London, including:

  • Gyms and spas
  • Retail spaces
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Car showrooms
  • Medical facilities
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Communal areas in residential and commercial properties

As you imagine, the cleaning services that the businesses above require are very varied. So, all of our commercial cleaning services in London are tailored to suit each business. They can even be tailored to each visit we make to those businesses.

Just like our domestic cleaning services, our cleaners can provide daily cleaning tasks to help keep offices and retail spaces clean for the staff and customers. However, we can also provide deep cleaning services if an office hasn’t been used for a while. These deep-cleaning services come in extremely handy for medical facilities and restaurants and pubs, too, of course. We can provide all of the cleaning services mentioned in the domestic cleaning section of this article to commercial properties, along with other cleaning services that ensure that businesses are safer than ever.

Antiviral Cleaning Services in London

Our antiviral cleaning services are one of the most popular cleaning services that we provide at the moment. With many offices returning to normal now, your staff must have a safe and clean environment to work in. Antiviral disinfection is a great way of keeping homes, offices and other commercial properties safe. These disinfection services involve spraying a bio detergent from a fog machine and completely covering an area. We then wait an hour for the detergent to kill all of the bacteria in the area. The detergent leaves an invisible layer that protects your staff and your customers. While many businesses are taking advantage of our antiviral disinfection cleaning services in London at the moment, they are also available for any domestic customers.

Our cleaning services are some of the most comprehensive in London. We strive to provide the greatest cleaning services in London to all of our domestic and commercial cleaning customers and will always work hard to ensure your high standards are met. To find out more about our cleaning and the areas of London that we cover, explore our website some more. If you don’t see the cleaning service you need above, get in touch, we welcome cleaning challenges and won’t let you down!

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