Clever Ways to Leverage Online Discount Code for Huge Savings

Clever Ways to Leverage Online Discount Code for Huge Savings

Each year, consumers across the UK spend nearly £250 billion shopping online. With the volume of online shopping increasing steadily over the last two decades, some shoppers have discovered creative ways to save a lot of money through discount and voucher codes. According to one study, the average online shopper can save nearly £1,200 each year using online and mobile discount codes.

Saving money is of course the main advantage of using discount codes. It’s always great to get access to high-quality products at reduced prices. However, there are other perks to finding and using them such as free delivery, access to exclusive merchandise, or being able to purchase products without having to wait for seasonal sales.

Most major brands offer some form of voucher or discount code to their customers. Here are some of the top strategies for finding discount codes online including ways to maximize your savings.

Strategies for Finding Discount Codes

There are numerous ways to get discounts for online purchases including sales, special promotions, and holiday events. Of course, this requires perfect timing. The fastest way to get a deal is to locate a discount code to capture immediate savings.

Unfortunately, discount codes can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. To help control the cost of offering discounts, most online retailers apply expiration dates, use limits, and exclusions to their codes. This can leave consumers frustrated with an abundance of voucher codes that don’t work.

  • Figure Out Which Retailers Use Codes – While many stores do offer discount codes, some may not. Before you spend a lot of time trying to find a discount code, make sure they use them. You can find out online or simply reach out to their customer support and ask. You may even get the customer representative to send you a discount code for the effort of reaching out to them.
  • Subscribe to Your Favourite Brands – Companies like to reward their loyal customers with occasional discounts or special promotions. Subscribing to your favourite brand’s social media or email mailing list is a great way to get access to these codes. The only downside is that your inbox may fill up with junk quickly, so be sure to manage your subscriptions.
  • Use Discount Browser Extensions – There are some browser extensions that you can download to help automate the process of finding discount codes. These programs work by notifying you when you arrive at a qualifying website or by applying discount codes automatically when you make a purchase.
  • Abandon Your Shopping Cart – Most companies have a process to follow up with customers who have shown interest in their products. You’ve likely seen this tactic at work if you have ever searched for a product only to start seeing advertisements pop up in your web browser shortly after. In some cases, if you add items to your online cart, the company will follow up with a discount code to encourage you to complete your order.
  • Wait for Upcoming Holidays – Around major holidays, brands begin competing with each other through sales and other promotions. Leading up to a holiday like Father’s Day or Black Friday, you will be more likely to find great discount codes.
  • Just Guess – Discount codes typically come in a series of letters and numbers. Many online discount codes are similar or generic like “SAVE15” or “DEAL2022”. If you notice a pattern with a brand’s discount code names, but can’t find one that works, you might get lucky by trying a similar combination.
  • Check Discount Code Websites – The most effective way to find codes is by using a reputable discount code website. A good quality discount code website will test and validate the codes before they are posted. This could save you a lot of time and headache from sifting through dozens of codes that don’t work.

Getting the Most Out of Online Discount Codes

In addition to finding voucher and discount codes, there are some best practices that buyers can use to capture the most savings or special offers. Some online retailers may require different strategies, but there are some general approaches that are usually effective.

  • Look Beyond Price Discounts – While saving money on the actual product is a great place to start, you can also find free delivery codes or access to special customization, upgrades, or extra accessories.
  • Use Multiple Codes Together – In some cases, you can use multiple codes for a single purchase. For example, one code may be for discounted price and another for free shipping.
  • Compare Pricing Between Sites – Some online retailers carry the same brand products. It may be possible to find the same product on another site. Even if the prices are higher on the other site, a discount code could reduce the price enough to make them the cheaper option.
  • Save Discount Codes for Big Purchases – If your discount code can only be used once, don’t waste it on a small purchase if you plan to spend more at a later date. Just make sure that you complete the larger purchase before the discount code expires.

Helping UK Shoppers Save Thousands

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