Clubhouse Security Breach: Is the Audio-Sharing App Safe? –

Clubhouse Security Breach

According to security experts, Clubhouse experienced a security breach, which saw a single unidentified user streaming multiple rooms to a third-party website. The audio-sharing app was swift to permanently ban the user, stating that they had installed new “safeguards” to prevent this from happening again.

Unfortunately, the waters are a bit murky about whether or not they can guarantee that kind of thing. While the company manages most of its front-end and user experience activity, Clubhouse outsources its back-end management, like data traffic and audio production, to China-based Agora Inc.

As you’ve likely heard a millions times during the TikTok-SoundByte saga, Chinese companies have a complicated relationship with online privacy, as the state government is questionably involved with pretty much everything. Subsequently, it’s safe to wonder: Is Clubhouse safe?


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