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It is fair to debate whether or not bowls hold the same significance they used to in this modern world of college football. Opt outs, the College Football Playoff and the NFL Draft have skewed the way these cherished postseason showcases operate. Some of the sport’s top stars will not play in recognizable bowl games unless there is something bigger — like a national championship — on the line. 

But bowls still matter. They matter a whole lot more to some programs than others, but they matter. For first-year coaches, any postseason success can be a springboard to something greater. For middling schools, a postseason win against a Power 5 foe can be the spark to that next step. 

With that in mind, this list endeavors to break down the top 10 bowl wins from this most recent slate. Whether it be a momentum-building accomplishment or proof that a certain team is ready to break out onto the scene, and a myriad of other reasons, these games stand out from the rest. 

Just to note, the College Football Playoff games are not included. Obviously those are as “important” as it gets. These are the best of the rest. 

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