Comet NEOWISE LIVE stream: How to watch Comet NEOWISE on closest flyby TONIGHT

Stargazers who missed NEOWISE this month are in for a treat, courtesy of the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy. Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE entered our skies early this month after it survived a flyby of the Sun on July 3. Visible exclusively from the Northern Hemisphere, the comet has stunned amateur and professional astronomers alike with its beautiful tails and fuzzy glow.

Many seasoned astronomers have reported seeing the comet with the unaided eye.

The last time a comet this bright was seen from the Northern Hemisphere was in 1997.

But the comet has already started to fade and once it passes out of sight, it will not return for at least 6,800 years.

The good news is you can tune in to the embedded live streams below and enjoy Comet NEOWISE from the comfort of your home tonight.


How to see Comet NEOWISE in person:

Although Comet NEOWISE is now heading towards the inner solar system you could still have a chance to see it for yourself.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere head outside about an hour after sunset.

Use a compass to locate the northwestern horizon and look up.

Since about mid-July, the comet has been flying right under the Big Dipper or Plough asterism.

The Big Dipper is comprised of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major.

Make sure the skies are clear, dark and you have an unobstructed view of the horizon.

Sources of light pollution like city lights, cars and buildings will hinder your viewing experience.

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If you want to see the comet’s tails you will need a pair of binoculars or a small telescope.

Joe Masiero of NASA’s NEOWISE mission said: “What you want to do is go out right around the time that the first stars start to show up. You’re not going to be able to see it before that.

“It’s probably about as bright as some of the stars in the Big Dipper.”


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