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Global enterprises today are facing increasing security risks. However, the top decision makers are highly cautious and hard to reach out, which poses a huge marketing challenge for vendors in the security space. Vera Security is breaking new ground in this domain and speaking more on this is Grant Shirk, vice president of marketing at Vera Security. Here’s a preview of all that he shares from his exclusive interview with Ziff Davis B2B.

Sales Enablement in the Experience Economy: Strategic Considerations for B2B Enterprises

Live Webinar
Date – 21 November 2019
Time – 11 AM EST/ 8AM PST


Career Highlights

With a background in UI design, Grant has extensive experience working with mobile phones, speech recognition and collaboration. His stint with Dominos Pizza further helped him realize the importance of data-driven insights combined with story-telling and value proposition development.

Currently working as the vice president of marketing at Vera Security, Grant credits his mentors for giving him a well-rounded exposure to different marketing functions. Learn more about Grant’s journey, here.

Confidential Matters

Speaking about Vera Security’s market niche, Grant tells us that the company offers a security platform that secures, tracks and controls sensitive information of companies. These organizations typically share such confidential information externally with a large ecosystem of partners, providers, suppliers and collaborators in order to get their products built.

He further tells us that the ideal customer profile for Vera Security are enterprises with 1,000 or more employees. Read all the details and the risks eliminated by their security solution, here.

Consultative Approach

Elaborating further on the security market, Grant tells us that the typical messaging approaches in this industry are based out of fear. However, at Vera, they choose to emphasize on a message that allows people to collaborate rather than be part of a fear-driven initiative.

He also talks about the top decision makers in cyber security who are mostly CISOs. These individuals pose a great marketing challenge as they excel at not clicking on unfamiliar links, not answering their phones or emails from strangers and blocking ads. Find out the actionable tips that Grant shares to reach out to this target audience, here

Lead Generation Strategies

Given the challenges faced in reaching out to this industry’s top decision makers, Grant believes that it requires a strong outreach program which will help create awareness and receptivity without being overly invasive.

He further tells us that the company plans to target other business titles apart from CISOs as other departments are also starting to drive the cyber security agenda. Learn all about the company’s outreach strategies as well as the new verticals they plan to reach out to, here.  

Collaborative Approach

Emphasizing on the need to align marketing with sales to drive better results, Grant explains that the key to achieve this is to focus on the same metric. For Vera, this metric is the sales qualified lead, which they define as the first qualified meeting that happens between a customer and a sales representative.

He also sees immense value in the product marketing team and the demand generation team working collaboratively with sales to achieve quality meetings. Explore the benefits of this strategy, here.

Impact of Blockchain

Expressing his views on how blockchain could affect the security space, Grant informs us that such propositions are not yet taken seriously in the security industry. Read all the details and explore why security pitches with blockchain or AI are getting disqualified by potential buyers, here.

For more exclusive insights on marketing, be sure to check the full interview with Grant here.


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