Coronavirus: Deaths at lowest level since March

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The number of people dying each week linked to coronavirus has dropped to its lowest levels in England and Wales since March, figures show.

The Office for National Statistics review of death certificates showed 2,589 cases where the virus was mentioned in the week ending 22 May.

Overall there were nearly 12,300 deaths in that week – 2,300 more than normal at this time of the year.

At the peak of the pandemic double the number were dying than expected.

Overall, there have been 286,700 deaths this year – 51,400 above what would be expected.

Some 43,800 have been attributed to coronavirus.

Nick Stripe, of the ONS, said despite the number of overall deaths falling, we were effectively seeing the same number of deaths we would expect in winter.

He also said there were considerable regional variations with the north east currently seeing the highest rates of excess deaths.


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