Coronavirus latest updates: Trump may extend travel ban, Australia warns disease may not peak for months

This means all of the leaders of each of the governments of Australia will form a group to meet regularly and to form important decisions in relation to coronavirus. This has never been done before in Australia. This is an Australian-first, since Federation. So this didn’t happen in wartime, this is the first time that we have done this as a nation.

I want to make sure that there is collaborative decision-making, that we are making decisions on behalf of the entire nation. The states are as one on this. The states need to work together. The boundaries are dropping away in relation to confronting this, and we are working together as Australians to confront this threat to our nation.

Secondly, a range of decisions were made on policy issues, and I just want to go over those again. Firstly, we are now advising all Australians not to travel overseas. That is very firm advice to all Australians, don’t travel overseas. Have your holidays at home. Only travel overseas if it is absolutely critical.


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