Coronavirus UK news – Boris Johnson hints June 21 total lockdown lift WILL go ahead as data shows ‘low hospital risk’


The speed of misinformation about vaccines is a “deadly threat”, the Health Secretary has said.

Matt Hancock told the Global Vaccine Confidence Summit: “The speed of misinformation is a deadly threat.

“So we’ve had some of our best people on the case from the beginning, long before there was a licensed vaccine, countering the myths, countering the lies, treating people with respect, taking respectful hesitancy and giving respectful answers.

“A crucial component of that confidence, which is openness and honesty.

“Because it’s not just been about getting all those positive facts to people but being honest and transparent about the difficult ones too – being upfront and completely transparent, for instance, about side effects, levelling with people that our supply will be lumpy and changing from week to week.

“And being open, when we haven’t known the answer, like for instance we took time to find out the impact of new variants. So we didn’t jump on the answers people wanted to hear.”


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