Coronavirus: Will the outbreak end in warmer weather? Expert reveals if virus is seasonal

As the number of cases continues to rise across the globe, can we expect the outbreaks to end come the summer months?

COVID-19, the strain of coronavirus currently infecting people, will likely end up being a seasonal infection, much like other coronaviruses, according to Professor Stephen Turner of Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University.

He explained: “Given many people have been previously exposed and are likely immune, then spread of these seasonal coronaviruses is more likely during winter months where conditions and behaviours favour transmission (e.g. a higher density of people staying indoors and in close proximity more often during the winter).

“However, before this the nCoV2019 will still have to run its course (i.e. spread globally). Once immunity is established in the broad population, it will likely go seasonal.”

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