YOU can buy Halloween ravioli pasta in Costco that is shaped like pumpkins and bats and they’re stuffed with four different cheeses.

Made by Nuovo Pasta, the 32oz pack contains around ten servings and costs just $8.79 (£6.80).

 The ravioli consists of bright orange pumpkin and brown bat shaped parcels


The ravioli consists of bright orange pumpkin and brown bat shaped parcelsCredit: Facebook/Nuovo Pasta

The fresh ravioli parcels are filled with an Italian blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan and aged asiago cheese – and they cook in just three minutes.

And, at just $0.88 (£0.68) a serving, this pasta is the perfect way to enjoy a Halloween-themed dinner with friends and family on a budget.

The product was shared on the CostcoBuys Instagram account, with an image showing the bright orange pumpkin and dark brown bat ravioli shapes.

Many commenters were a big fan, one said: “These were a hit in our home”, and another added: “A good way to get picky toddlers to eat ravioli”.

User Costcoguy4u also shared snaps of the pasta, revealing that the ravioli comes with a recipe for sage sauce as well as wine pairing recommendations on the back of the packet.

The item isn’t listed online, and Costco says it is unable to confirm exactly which stores will stock the item, so it’s a good idea to call your local shop and check if they have them.

But, commenters on Instagram claim to have already seen the ravioli at stores in California, Illinois, Michigan, Utah and Texas.

The products are only available in the US, so unfortunately British Costco shoppers won’t be able to try them.

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You can find your nearest Costco US using its store finder tool.

Costco has also brought back its much-loved massive pumpkin pie – perfect for festive get togethers.

Among the other Halloween treats on offer this year are pumpkin KitKats and zombie Skittles.

Aldi US also has a “Sweet Bloody Red” wine with spooky packaging that’s great for Halloween nights in.

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