As for what type of electrification we will see on future M models, Flasch kept it vague. “We are evaluating all technologies – mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids, but also fully electric cars,” Flasch explained. He also stressed that electrified M models will be different than their non-M counterparts. “While BMW’s regular cars are focused on electric range, our focus is on performance, and this means not just in a straight line, but also in corners. The performance needs to be reproducible and track-ready, and in some ways, this requires different technological approaches. And that’s why, just like with all-wheel-drive, we won’t be the first high-performance brand to go electric. But [we will be] the best.”

If you aren’t excited about the prospect of an electrified M model, don’t worry because the change won’t happen overnight. “We will not just flip a switch and I can imagine very well that, depending on the country and the model, we will continue to offer cars just with the internal combustion engine, parallel to our electrified models,” Flasch promised.


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