Cracking the crypto message

If you think you’re well up on emojis but don’t know what the ‘diamond hand’ duoji — a pair of emojis that make up one message — is, then wethinks you may need to brush up, readerji, on your Emoji 101. Of late, Elon Musk, a meme himself, has been ‘commenting’ on the bitcoin that have the flavour of old ‘hmm’s. The comments have mostly been mysterious tweets, possibly resulting in the fluctuations one has seen in the cryptocurrency’s price of late. But the latest Musk must-see tweet is two words, ‘Tesla has’, with the two aforementioned emojis. ‘Finger on chin’ emoji response.

Nerd semiotics suggests that ‘diamond+hands’ means traders who believe that holding on to their stocks even when their prices drop will ultimately be rewarding. So, Teslaman is saying that his company won’t be getting rid of its $1.5 billion stake in bitcoin as it wants to hold on to something that is as precious as diamonds. Speculating on speculations based on hieroglyphical emojis will very soon probably be aWall Street-meets-Rosetta Stone activity of its own. But, till then, some of us can fondly recollect those innocent days when life was simple, language-held nuances, and messages were deciphered by multiple readings of the colours of Fed head Alan Greenspan’s ties. #TWTDS*

*Those Were The Days, Sigh


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