Creating Your Own Small Wine Room without Losing Wine Quality

Creating Your Own Small Wine Room without Losing Wine Quality

Are you also looking forward to wine o’clock every day? How about changing or creating an area in your home into a stunning home wine area. No need to build a large wine cellar or thousands of pounds to create this experience. The thing you need is just a small area like a closet, pantry or corner to make your very own small wine place. 

The Key to Establishing a Successful Wine Experience is Climate Control

Every wine needs to become treated delicately which means it doesn’t do well when big temperature fluctuations arise. One of the absolute important factors to hold into account is how you’re going to store your wine without losing its good shape. With respect to creating your one wine room or basement, this is key. 

It’s important to keep the temperature and humidity level stable. For this reason, a basement can be a great option to create your wine area. When it comes to storing your wine in a room, you should invest in a proper wine cooler. Choose one that can create a stable temperature with the option to select multiple zone cooling systems like a dual zone wine cooler. Selecting a wine cooler that doesn’t vibrate, stores the bottle horizontally, provides protection against UV-light and of course can store enough bottles. The newest wine coolers are supplied with glass doors containing UV protection and next to that it displays your wine beautifully. This is a nice extra for the wine connoisseur that would like to show off their bottles to their guests. A wine cooler doesn’t provide only practical storage but it also adds style to the home’s decorative settings. 

Already selected which kind of wine cooler you would like? It’s time to create a space that’s well-organized and inviting your audience. Small, discrete but also useful when entertaining. Having a wet bar and wine room under the stair is a sure fire way to entertain guests. You can add a bar or some relaxing chairs. Take your wine area to a higher level when including seating for you and your guests. Advantage of this is that you don’t have to leave your home to have a good time at a bar anymore. Sit back, relax and don’t worry about having to drive home.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets do the Job

Customizing your cabinet is a top solution for storing and can centralize your love for wine in your home to the right location. Neat and unique to you. For example, under counter wine cooler systems are made for this job. It’s more practical to have your wine room and kitchen at one in the same. Including a wine fridge in your kitchen is a step up form custom cabinetry and keep your collection nice cooled for when you need it. Its central location allows for easy access when cooking or just when relaxing in your house.

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