Creative Short-term Uses of Shipping Containers in 2020

Creative Short-term Uses of Shipping Containers in 2020

Shipping containers have been around for decades. As the name implies, they’ve been mainly used for transporting goods on sea vessels. They’re typically made of Corten steel – a type of steel that’s very resistant to corrosion, making it appropriate for the harsh sea weather. 

It’s no surprise that people have found other uses for these containers, considering how cheap and durable they are. Old shipping containers have found use as office spaces or studio apartments. Pinterest is filled with several design ideas showing that these metal boxes can be more than just that.

Also known as storage containers, they can also be used to solve short-term problems. Here are five examples of short-term problems you can solve using storage containers:

Car storage and temporary garage

Shipping containers are already used to transport cars across the world, so why not use them for temporary storage? If you’re having issues with parking space, you can rent out a shipping container to park your car in. It’s a very effective and affordable solution, especially if you’re not going to be driving it often or going on vacation. It’s also portable, so if you need to move multiple vehicles, you can put your car storage on a truck and get it to its new location.

Secure storage and moving

Storing household or office items during a renovation or downsizing can be a challenge. Most people prefer to keep their properties at the local storage warehouse. While that offers some level of security, it also costs time and money to do.

A smart alternative would be to rent a shipping container you can use on your property. As they are made of very durable steel, they are quite secure. You can use them to store your properties on a short-term basis and retrieve them when you need them. Depending on how long you need storage for, they might be the cheaper option for you.

Ditto when you’re trying to move.

Using containers can be cheaper than having to hire a moving company. You can load and unload your properties with the help of a few friends or even over a few days by yourself. You can also use them to move overseas with ease.

Cold storage for businesses and special events

Special shipping containers, also known as reefers, are used to transport perishable goods across the world. Interestingly, these containers can also be used by restaurants and catering businesses working at large events. They are very portable and scalable, depending on your need. You won’t need to install new cold room equipment or pay for warehouse space. They’re an excellent option for anyone who deals with perishable items on the go.


Shipping containers are great for all kinds of storage problems. They come in varying capacities from as little as 10 feet square to 40 feet square. They are also remarkably easy to find. There are shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC and other parts of the country.

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