Statistica estimates that as of 2016, about 45% of the global population had internet access.  This translates to about 3.5 billion people who have the freedom to socialize, conduct business and work online. Geographical barriers or inadequacy of financial resources no longer dictate the way we earn a living. With an internet connection and a little money at your disposal, there are so many ways you can make some fast cash, or create a sustainable source. This article explores some of the means of making money online; you can also click here for more information on the same.

Hack Online Business


Freelancing gives the flexibility and freedom that most jobs cannot guarantee. You can choose the tasks you want to tackle, and you are not tied to one employer. Some of the popular freelancing jobs include academic, article and ghostwriting, virtual assistant jobs, transcribing, software development jobs and design. Developing a strong portfolio is an essential step in becoming a successful freelancer; this could mean doing some free work.

Professionals like academics, researchers, lawyers, etc. record interviews every day and they require someone to transcribe their content. If you are good at listening to the same audio several times then writing it down, then this could be something you can do to earn money online. Virtual assistant jobs give you a chance to exercise your skill and love for an organization.  You can do tasks like research, booking travel, managing mail, data entry, and bookkeeping.

Marketing Consultant

Businesses are in constant need for customers. You can use your knowledge and experience in marketing and SEO to earn money online by becoming a marketing consultant. Start small by pitching creative ideas to small businesses that are around you to help build your network. Passion for marketing plays a crucial role in guaranteeing your success in this filed. You also have to consider the needs of your clients, listen to them and provide room for them to share their concerns and opinions.

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Bitcoin Trading

The only difference between bitcoin and other forms of currency is the fact that bitcoin is digital. It is a fast-rising means of making money online. You can make money through bitcoin by either trading or mining it. However, trading is much easier than mining. To mine bitcoin, you must set up your computer to solve some puzzles about bitcoin; you will only get paid if solve them successfully.

Trading bitcoin involves buying bitcoins at a low price then sell them at a higher price once they gain value. To succeed in this field, you must have a good knowledge of the market, continuous practice and be willing to take a risk because the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile.


Betting is making a lot of buzzes when it comes to making money online. It can be extremely lucrative, but you could also lose a lot of money from it. Although a bit of luck helps, knowledge is also required if you want to succeed in this field. For instance, having a piece of basic knowledge in math is vital. A good comprehension of what the odds reflect in terms of probability and an excellent staking plan greatly determine the long term success of a bettor.

Understanding the concept of value is also very crucial. To spot value in a specific odds, you have to judge probabilities more effectively than how the market does it. Value is not hard to understand, but most of the betting public does not understand, and this is where betting companies benefit. Spotting value allows you to spot odds that are too high and capitalize on these opportunities. It requires a lot of practice to spot value consistently. You will also need to understand how odds are made, have a long term sensibility and learn the value of small bets if you hope to be successful in this industry.

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Selling Domains

Domain trading has been in existence for a long time; some people create or buy a domain name then sell them when its value goes up. To be successful in this trade, you will need the ability to identify the domains that will sell easily. This idea can be lucrative if you land on a lucrative domain name, but it is worth noting that some experts have doubts regarding the long-term viability of this idea.

The process of selling a domain can be quite lengthy; you might not get bids immediately. The process of selling your domain starts by determining the value of the domain, look for buyers, make your contact information available on the WHOIS directory, prepare the domain listing, receive payment then transfer the domain.

The internet presents so many ways to make money ranging from starting a business, full-time jobs to taking on part-time jobs. No matter the field you choose to venture in, make sure it works for you.


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